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Feisty Red Hair

When Lucy Maud Montgomery was twelve years old, she began keeping a diary. She continued to write in her diary for the rest of her life, but those childhood reflections about life on Prince Edward Island were a tremendous influence and help in writing her world-famous Anne of Green Gables books. From the moment I learned that fact as a child, I wanted to keep a diary, too. I logically concluded that, if keeping a diary had caused L.M. Montgomery to become such a famous writer, surely it would do the same for me.

The next Christmas, my grandmother gave me a diary. It had a soft, hazy cover photo of teddy bears surrounded by pink flowers, hard covers, and creamy-coloured lined paper inside. There was a matching bookmark with a golden tassel, but no lock and key, which was rather disappointing; I didn’t want anyone accessing the deep, dark secrets…

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  1. Love journaling as things leave my memory too quickly – like to review journals from years ago. Great way to keep memoirs – I like real paper and not the computer. 🙂

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