Weekly Intention Update

Maybe I should stick with wine because I did MUCH better with that intention than I am with this weeks.

I will give myself some credit, I have tried, just not succeeded. What I wanted was a half-ways healthy, moist, and tasty muffin but instead I’ve gotten burnt bottoms, dry, and dense.

I think my biggest problem is that once the muffins are in the oven my mind tends to think the job is done hence, the burnt bottoms -and sometimes tops too!

So I decided we were in need of a success, even if the plans needed to change. *Sometimes we just need to feel like we’ve been successful & accomplished something* Insert: Pizza Rollers!


Thank you Pinterest once again for such a simple & fantastic idea! Here’s the link from the original pin I found: http://www.the-girl-who-ate-everything.com/2012/01/pepperoni-cheese-stick-roll-ups.html

These badboys caught my eye immediately because in my house we LOVE Pillsbury crescent rolls AND we love pizza so why not combine them. Genius!


And since the kids & I are working on our no obligations/no plans week, why not make it an activity for all three of us!



We used pizza sauce, shredded cheese, sliced salami and bacon then rolled them up, easy peasy!







They were delicious, even as cold leftover snacks! These will definitely be school lunch sandwich alternatives in my kid’s lunch boxes!

For exact instructions you can check out the original link for the exact recipe/instructions.

Tomorrow we are back to muffins, I’ve got a recipe that seems fool proof. Wish me luck!



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