I’m a sucker for words.

I used to keep a quote journal writing down all the quotes that seemed relevant to my life, inspired me, or simply just because. But then my quote journal was full. There were no pages left but still so many beautifully put together words & statements. So I took to digital and now have a folder on my desktop for all the words that have special meaning to me.

A good quote, in my opinion, is more than just well put together words. The deeper meaning and special value to the reader is what makes a quote special. In this day in age, with Pinterest and Google searches, it is easy to go LOOKING for a good quote but the best quotes have come to me on their own. This only adds to their value.

And now I’ve decided to share them on my blog because what good are words if they are not shared….Enjoy 🙂

Quotes to Live By 

Quotes for Children


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