Operation Urban Garden Update

Way back in the spring out of no where my thumb turned green. I so badly wanted gardens filled with vivacious plants, blooming flowers, and delicious vegetables. Unfortunately I currently live in the city and it all seemed like a no go. After some Pinterest scrolling research I learned it wasn’t impossible and thus began Operation Urban Garden! 

It started with a fantastically simple but brilliant DIY planter project. My kids and I had a blast with these and even ended up making extras to give away! Everyone fell in love and who wouldn’t?! They combined reusing with gardening and were DIY – everyone appreciates the effort of DIY projects!

A few months later I can proudly say these planters are still holding on strong. Our plants have flourished in their reused tin homes. See for yourself!


This one was spray painted green by my son and hangs from our fence




Same type of plant, same paint, same creator! This one has been placed in the corner of our vegetable garden to fill in the gap between our ‘fencing’


This two toned can was created by my “gotta be different” creative daughter. Her plant has also faired well and it sits right beside the entrance to our gated yard.

They also make for great gift ideas! Check out these itty bitty versions we made as Teacher Appreciation gifts and handed out to my daughters teachers at the end of the school year.

The card reads, “Mrs C, Thank you for the seeds you planted in me. Love Kate”

We made 6 of these out of tomato paste cans (luckily I don’t regularly put my recycling bin out and had 6 cans handy!). Within each can we planted herbs and then topped them with a sign handmade by my daughter herself. I still get choked up when I read them in her adorable printing!

Again, making these is so very simple (trust me – I’m no pro DIY’er, if it’s not basic I’m not doing it! If I can do this you can too!) Just check out my original post on our Project: Planters and follow the simple steps I copied from StuffStephDoes (she’s the pro!).  

This project was so much fun and I know we will be creating more again! I’ve already been thinking about larger tins for fall mums. 




8 thoughts on “Operation Urban Garden Update

  1. Wow! These are wonderful, from tin cans. What an amazing little fun project! I love plants and flowers and DIY projects, this would be wonderful for inside plants, awesome now I shall no longer purchase those expensive planters.
    The gifts – if I received that think I would cry, with the little notes from the kids – just darling.
    Congrats on doing something you love and now seeing the fruits of your labour.

    • I’m not usually a big DIY’er to be honest but these were so simple and turned out fabulous! I’ve got ideas about an indoor herb garden – each herb in it’s own painted can. Possibly a winter project! Planters are so expensive, especially if you want a nice, unique looking one! These just make so much sense – we’ve got the cans & spray paint is cheap so why not?!

      As for the gift, I will admit that giving the cans was y idea but the itty bitty sign was all my daughter (she’s a very creative, crafty DIY’er!).

  2. I was shocked at the price of planters this year so I decided to plant everything I could outside and only purchase annuals or perennials. Now, that you gave me this idea I will purchase more indoor plants.

    I love crafty and thrifty posts, that give out great ideas!

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