Scratch That…

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to participate in the Photo-A-Day Challenge sent out monthly by FatMumSlim? Well scratch that! I made that choice before taking a gander at September’s list! Now that I’ve peeked I can’t resist! I’ve added it under my Photo Challenge tab and plan to continue adding photos whenever I get a chance. FatMumSlim clearly states in her “rules” that there are NO rules! You should join in too, or at least take a peek at my pics for the month 🙂

Happy Trails Folks


Do you participate in any photo challenges? If so, share them in my comments below, I’d love to sneak a peek at your photos! 


5 thoughts on “Scratch That…

    • Thanks Liz – I’m no pro but I do enjoy snapping pictures! I spent some time fiddling with my brothers very expensive professional camera a few weeks ago and fell in love! I really enjoyed the manual focus and playing with shutter speeds. I’ve got my eye on a beauty of a camera that just needs to come on sale to suit my budget! Or perhaps Santa can bring it 🙂

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