It’s been one of those weeks where I need a pause button; everything needs to stop while I keep working on getting caught up! I’m in need of a sick day – without being sick!

I woke up this morning and nearly screamed THANK YOU to mother nature! A beautiful overnight dumping of snow has left the town we live in basically closed down. At 6:00 am the list of closures and delays was long, and it included the kid’s school but unfortunately not mine. Of course it isn’t as common for universities to close campus due to the weather, and either way, with the kids out of school, I wouldn’t be attending classes today anyway.

I clearly remember the excitement and thrill that comes along with snow days. Waking up to a blanket of snow, sometimes not even being able to open the back door of the farmhouse I grew up in! There were endless activities to do on a snow day living in the country. Unfortunately they always seem to start with chores. As my Dad saw it, 5 kids who couldn’t be at school were 10 extra hands to help out in the barn. Regardless, snow days were still exciting. There was this feeling that we were completely disconnected from the world – plus we had no internet, satellite, or cable – like everything outside of our farm was standing still, life simply stopped for the day. As long as the pigs still got fed there were never any priorities that took us out and about on snow day.

It seems so different nowadays. Even with long lists of closures and cancellations things never seem to stop, people are warned to “be careful” on their commute rather than to stay home. By 7:00 am I was decided that with or without university cancellations it was to be a real snow day at our house today. We would be pushing that pause button! By 7:15 the university announced campus was closed and all classes were cancelled – another big thank you 🙂

So now that it’s official, what to do on our snow day? As I mentioned, I had a LOT of catching up to do! But before anything else, there was reason to celebrate so I started my morning with one of these delicious little treats – and I haven’t slowed down since 🙂


Maple Mocha from the 100 Days of Real Food blog – click the picture to be taken to my favourite blog of all time!

Laundry was so far behind drawers were empty and matching socks were a rare find. The floors were in desperate need of a scrub, bathrooms were in disarray, my kitchen was begging for some TLC, and the laundry room had become a dumping zone with piles of outgrown clothes towering taller than the kids! All the things I never seem to get to, until now!

Of course it wouldn’t be a snow day without baking! That was always one of the best parts of a snow day, walking through the bitter cold, entering the house only to be met with the smells of banana bread. We won’t be doing banana bread but my mouth has been watering for some sweet little treats I spotted on a bliss-filled blog earlier this week and then there’s this recipe for apple peanut butter bars that already has my house smelling delicious – what is better than being trapped inside on a snow day with the house smelling like baked apples & cinnamon?! Generally, once we start baking we usually get on a roll so we’ve already planned to re-stock our frozen waffle supply while we’re at it (that recipe also comes from 100 Days of Real Food!).

…now that I’ve had a productive morning I will feel no shame in spending the rest of my day caught up in highly competitive games of Uno, Monopoly Junior, and possibly some Ker-Plunk! At the moment the kids are making themselves a mini homemade pool table so while I’ve got some peace, I just might put my feet up and watch the snow fall.

Thanks again Mother Nature 🙂


The view the local radio station provided on Twitter this morning – definitely a stay in kind of day! (photo: KIX 106)