Dream Day

If I could be anywhere, doing anything today, my day would likely look like this:

  • Cozy blankets and fluffy pillows surround me while sitting in a window seat surrounded by books. Likely be re-reading an old favourite – one of those fantastic stories that you become a part of, that take your breath away, make you laugh with the characters and cry when they cry, and long for more once you’ve flipped the final page

Maybe a nook like this one found at blog.styleestate.com

  • Of course I’d be sipping on my favourite tea: Vanilla Cinnamon herbal tea with a splash of honey just for fun!
  • When the reading was done I’d love to sit and listen to recorded episode after episode of CBC Radio’s Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean! I can never, ever get enough of his story telling! Vinyl Cafe is now available as Podcasts which is so great! I sometimes can’t listen in on Sunday’s when it is aired on the radio but now can have it on my iPhone whenever I want it!
  • Part of me thinks I’d stay in my PJ’s all day, but another side of me is more realistic than that. I do love structure and productivity. I feel icky when I spend the entire day in my PJ’s. Rather than PJ’s all day I’ll settle for some comfy yoga pants and my coziest hand-knitted sweater.
  • Lunch would be my newest addiction: kale! Steamed with some peppers and onions, some hot pepper flakes and loads of garlic. Throw some salmon on top and you’ve got my favourite meal. Of course I won’t have to make it, it’s my dream day after all!
  • I really couldn’t sit still for an entire day regardless of how appealing that sounds, realistically I’ve got far too much energy for that! There would have to be some type of physical activity going on. Perhaps a beautiful hike on the Bruce Trail with my 4-legged friend (like we’ve done before!). 
  • I’m a very social person at heart so this dream day wouldn’t really be complete if there weren’t other people involved. Maybe a good old fashioned family hockey game on my parents backyard rink (that we’ve been making for nearly 20 years now!). There’s home-made nets my brother welded together about 15 years ago and always a pot of hot chocolate ready when we’re finished (thanks Mom!). 
  • After skating, all 23 of us (that’s my immediate family!) would squeeze around the table in my parents kitchen. We’d devour a giant bowl of my own home-made chili, enjoy a few beers, and laugh about this & that until it was time to put the kids to bed. I’d end my dream day sleeping in my old bedroom, squeezed into the single bed with one munchkin on either side of me. One snoring (like she always does!) and the other with his fingers wrapped around strands of my hair so tightly I can’t move without acquiring a bald patch. Those are the best sleeps!

Us playing hockey in January 2013. It is always best under the lights!

Don’t get me wrong, my reality really isn’t all that bad. Sure I don’t get to spend hours escaping to fictional worlds and I don’t even have a window seat! I don’t get to see my family as much as I’d like but when we are together it’s like no time has passed at all. I’m thankful for my reality, but love to dream every now and then! What would your dream day look like? 

Happy Friday!


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