Hitting Bumps


The bumps in the road make life fun

I don’t know exactly who said this but I’ve definitely hit a bump or two in my days. For the most part I’m grateful for the bumps. Sure, they aren’t exactly pleasant at the time but they always provide an opportunity for learning, growth, and shifts in perspective. For the most part I’ve been able to buckle up and ride them out, safely making it to the other side with lessons learned.

Lately I’ve felt a lot more than merely bumps in the road, it’s more like a large, getting-nowhere, circular, bumpy, knot!


Doors that were opened have suddenly closed. Changes in my carefully laid out life plan have been made without my consent or control. Every recent flicker of hope has been quickly followed up by a smack in the face. The completion of my degree (which is basically my ticket into the “real” world) is proving to be trickier than I imagined.

I don’t do well when things are carefully organized and planned out. I’m not talking about having my kitchen’s junk drawer neatly organized, I’m talking about my life, my kids lives! For the past few years I’ve been happily following along on my ambitious journey, slowing ticking checks off my list and things going relatively according to plan. Of course there has been bumps and even some hard falls along the way but those are to be expected, and in retrospect, they’re now embraced. They have shaped and created me as I am today, and brought me to where I am today.

The recent weeks have been bumpy, to say the least. Perhaps explaining my lack of blogging…..but in times like these, something has to go! But, in honour of Project Optimism I’m using this experience as an opportunity for growth and personal improvement. It is a chance to practice being patient; an opportunity to look into avenues I didn’t even know existed; a chance to practice letting go and feel that it is OK to not be in control. I won’t lie, it sure isn’t easy for me, but I’m trying, and things already look a little brighter!

Today, my optimism is coming in the form of believing that everything happens for a reason! In the past I’ve had doors shut, felt smacks to the face, heck I even had 2 very large bumps that, 9-ish months later, ended up being the most beautiful little things I had/have ever known! There is reason behind the madness and one day it’ll be clear, until then, I guess I’ll just buckle up, enjoy the ride, and steer whenever I can!



Let a little sunshine into your day today (even if it’s grey and freezing rain outside!). If you want to get in on Project Optimism, check out The Best Life or follow her instructions:

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2 thoughts on “Hitting Bumps

  1. Good for you!!! It can be so overwhelming when we see things we want just get batted further and further out of our reach. But you’re right – sometimes it’s the best way to teach us to take bigger steps.

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