Project Optimism


I absolutely love the entire premise behind Project Optimism. This comes at such a perfect time for me what with my new-found quest for Happy Living, kudos to The Best Life and her partners for creating this joy sharing project!

I do think of myself as a fairly glass-half-full type person. I try to see the bright side and try to spread happiness wherever I go. To toot my own horn, I think I’m really good at it when it comes to other people’s lives! Is it just me or is it actually easier to see what everyone else has got going for them and what they’ve got to be thankful for? Not that I think everyone else has got everything going for them and I don’t, that’s not it at all. In my past internships I’ve had to work with some pretty amazing people who’ve been dealt some pretty crappy cards: patients who’ve acquired a traumatic brain injury, amputee patients, those with serious mental health issues, etc. In working with these people I’ve discovered that I’m skilled in facilitating optimism – but do I internalize it myself, in my own life contexts? Not so much.

To be quite frank, sometimes it is hard! Sometimes I just haven’t got it in me; the good is too hard to see through a layer of crap thrown at me; sometimes I’m just not feeling it, plain & simple! Sometimes I want to be miserable and lay in my pj’s with hot tea and snap at anyone/everyone who tries to cheer me up. Sometimes I don’t want cheer! 

When these Debbie Downer days are upon me I find it hopeless to try to force myself to see the silver-lining. Instead I try to take a step back and refocus; regroup my thoughts; rearrange my perspective. I find it helpful to analysis the good rather than dwell on the bad. Acknowledging the small stuff enables me to be hopeful for what is to come.

So here it is, the things that – within the past week – made me feel warm & fuzzy on the inside, made me tick, inspired me, challenged me, or just simply made me smile:

  • When a random stranger chases me out of the lecture hall, nearly tackling me to the floor, only to return my iPhone – which I hadn’t even realized fell out of my pocket! Thank you kind stranger! 
  • A hike that is good for the mind, body, and soul – and the dog!
  • Not just one bottle of red found on the shelf, but two!
  • A Friday night spent with one of those above mentioned bottles and a new ball of gorgeous blue-y/green-y yarn – my new hat is nearly done and is adorable & cozy! 
  • Booking my first trip away in over a year and a half: a snowboarding birthday getaway for the man in my life with two of our closest friends! Snowboarding, cross-country skiing, a loft, hot tub… could I not be optimistic when I’ve got this to look forward to! 
  • Dance parties with my kids to great Canadian singers!
  • Facebook posts that go like this:

Brother: Name that tune sister – “We all wanna be big, big stars”
Sister: “But we don’t know why”
Me: “And we don’t know how”

  • The tune was Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows – one of mine & my sisters favourite bands and just one more reason why I love my crazy family!
  • Being called into a kid’s bedroom after bedtime, feeling frustrated & annoyed, “why won’t they just shut up & go to sleep?!” is exactly what’s going through my head until I hear this, “I just wanted one more hug goodnight.” And then through the wall the other kid (not to be left out) requests an extra kiss. No Debbie Downer can survive moments like this!

Happy Monday everyone! Find something that makes you happy, take your good & make it better, share & spread your joy, join the optimism party – it’s what all the cool kids are doing today!! 


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