Bruce in the Winter

Have you ever done one of those things you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do; something that has been on your wish          list for ages; something you’ve dreamed about?
And then when it finally happens, it’s like magic!

If you’ve never heard of The Bruce, you should most definitely do a google search! It is Canada’s longest & oldest footpath. The main trail is approximately 900 km long (559 miles). There is also about 450 km of off-shoot trails to explore. The scenery is breathtaking – especially along the Niagara Escarpment which is one of only 16 UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves worldwide!

From Niagara to Tobermory!

From Niagara to Tobermory!

By now I’m sure you get it, its fantastic!

Back in the summer it was on my Summer To Do List to hike along the Bruce – it didn’t matter where, just ON the Bruce! It’s been something I’ve always wanted to do and ended up being all I expected and more!  But I wasn’t done with the Bruce. No, not at all! Now I had more plans for us: doing an end-to-end hike of one of the main sections, winter hiking, etc. This past week I got the opportunity to cross one of these off my wish list: Winter Hiking!

The weather was spectacular, the conditions a little icy but manageable, most importantly, the company was great! 


A few amazing girlfriends from school met up with me in Ancaster, ON. The three of us are scattered around the area so this was kind of a middle point for us to meet. Even better than having them as great company, we also brought our four legged friends! Roxy & Sophie had never met but were instantly friends!




What do you think of my hat?! I made it myself 🙂

They frolicked & explored, and even swam, while we gabbed and shared stories of our holidays. The kind of great friends who you can go without seeing for weeks, but can pick up right where you left off as if no time has passed at all! 

Hiking the Bruce is in no way an easy feat. We definitely felt a burn in our legs after climbing steep, icy inclines.


This may not look steep but the picture was taken from halfway up the hill. Only the dogs & I made it up this one. Sliding on my rear end was the only way I managed to get down!

We decided to trek off the beaten path a little for some extra fun & adventure. We conquered hills and fallen trees, and ended up finding the BEST picnic spot!






These old building ruins are considered to be haunted according to my girlfriends story

It was here, at the top of a steep climb, that the sun seemed to shine it’s brightest. We laid out a blanket and feasted!




My favourite peanut butter wraps with a side of raw veggies, fruit, and the most delicious little donut holes from a local bakery for dessert!


The last half of our loop was similar to the first, with a few more splashing areas for the dogs.




…and a few more steep climbs for us. By the time we reached our starting point 4 hours had passed.

Time flies when your having fun! 


The arrow might show the way but its our hearts are what take us where we need to go





3 thoughts on “Bruce in the Winter

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  2. I live in Bruce County and it’s embarrassing that I’ve only been on the Bruce Trail once, and that was over two years ago. That will definitely be a goal for this year! Your pics are great. Looks like a fun day.

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