The BEST Monday

Who knew a Monday could be so fantastic?!! Especially the Monday we all (in this household) go back to school! A new term, a new year, a new week, new beginnings!



A friend from my home town has started a fresh page in her life. She’s taken on a challenge to eat healthier, exercise more, and create change in her life. She isn’t a gym rat or body builder, she is just a regular, everyday mother of two (adorable!) kids who has decided to grab life by the horns and make it what she wants it to be! Her enthusiasm and passion has definitely motivated me this past week! She’s the reason I worked out today! She’s created a new blog too!! Today’s post: taking the lemons life throws at you and making lemonade! Sure, it’s been said by many before but she says it so well! I strongly urge you all to check out her blog, Change Starts Here, for a dose of motivation & inspiration!

But that’s not all the awesomeness that happened today!!

Was it ever a great day in the blogosphere! Yet another new beginning over at a blog I absolutely love: The Best Life. She has collaborated with others to start Project Optimism and I am so in! What better day of the week than a Monday to force yourself to be happy and optimistic! Jump on over to her blog and grab yourself a badge for your sidebar – join the movement and be happy!

There was even more awesomeness in my day….

The rest of the awesomeness of today will have to be shared in the form of bullet points – remember, I said school is back in and I’ve already got a ridiculously long To Do list to dive into!! So here’s a few last tid bits of why today was the best Monday:

  • Kids woke up without a fuss for their first day back to school and were ready so quickly we had enough time to walk to school! Of course we took our favourite pooch with us and she absolutely loved the romp through the woods her & I had on the way home. We took the long way and enjoyed the scenery!
  • NEW BOOKS! This one really excites me!! Partly because I found most of my textbooks used therefore easing the dent in my bank account but mostly because they’re NEW BOOKS! It is so exciting having new books (even if they’re textbooks!). I love opening the cover for the first time, it’s like entering a whole new world full of possibilities and opportunities and things to learn! Turning the pages for the first time is like nothing else.
  • A Social Psychology course I’m taking requires me to do at least one book report or up to three reports. The books sound brilliant and I’ve already ordered them all from the local library (take that over-priced University bookstore!). I even got one of the books in audio version for all the long drives I do! I love new books!
  • Yoga is back! That’s right, my daily yoga is back in full force! On top of my own yoga routine this morning I even enjoyed a yoga session with my daughter – who just can’t understand why I am not able to do inversions or put my knees behind my head! She is amazingly flexible and loves yoga. It is a great way for her to burn off some of her endless energy and thanks to YouTube we’ve got an endless amount of videos to follow along with!

The grand finale to my wonderful day was something I haven’t done in ages! It incorporated some of the things I love most in this world:

  • My kids
  • Movement and physical activity
  • No rules, no right or wrong way of doing it
  • No judgements or criticisms
  • An added element of Canadian-ism….

Take this song, press repeat, insert myself & my munchkins, and what do you get….dance party! It is absolutely impossible to NOT be in a fantastic mood after spending 17 blissful minutes bouncing & bopping to this fantastic song by an amazing Canadian artist!

Hope your Monday’s were just as swell as mine! Now I’m off to burying my nose in one of those new books and sip on a vanilla cinnamon herbal tea – seriously this day just keeps getting better & better!!



7 thoughts on “The BEST Monday

    • Mostly just textbooks, Juvenile Delinquency in Canada, Social Psych, etc. etc. But it’s so exciting when they’re new! It is quite possible that within 3 weeks I won’t even be able to stand the sight of them but until then I’ll enjoy them!

      The books I have to read for the reviews sound fantastic: Stumbling on Happiness (Gilbert), Connected (Christakis), and Whistling Vivaldi (Steele). Stumbling on Happiness is #1 on my reading list, sounds right up my alley!!

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  2. So I took your suggestion quite literally, turned up that song, and danced with my kids… It was great! The only problem is that my 3-year-old seems to go kinda crazy whenever there’s a heavy bass line in a song. He flings himself around, says he’s ‘dancing funny’, but it totally makes him act wild!

    • If bass lines make him kooky then yah, this song’s not for you! Maybe try Let It Grow, the theme song from The Lorax movie! We love that one for singing and dancing as well plus the message in the song is great! He’ll likely be singing along and wanting to plant trees in no time!

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