Note to Self…

NOTE TO SELF: It’s okay, you don’t have to do everything perfect every time. You work hard, you treat people with the same respect you want from them. It’s okay to get wrapped up in yourself sometimes, just remember to take a step back & be there for others.

Remember that even when you make a mistake, life will go on. Remember to say please. Remember to say thank you. Remember to breathe. Remember not everyone is as intense or passionate – or high-strung – as you are.  Remember that the things you do don’t go unnoticed. Remember people see how hard you work & appreciate the time you take for them.

Remember to apologize. Remember to admit when you are wrong – even though it is so hard! – Remember when you forget something, it’s not the end of the world, again, life goes on. Never forget to give thanks and appreciate what you’ve got, for it may only take one moment and it can be forever lost.

Remember to keep reading, never stop learning or trying new things. Remember to be the person you want your kids to become because what you show them day in and day out through your words & actions is shaping who they become.

Remember to give & never stop giving because in this life you only get what you give. Remember that every step, no matter what direction it is in, is a step. Every step brings us closer to where we belong.


motivation pic


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