Resolutions Resolved

Yes, this post will be exactly like every other one in my Reader…resolutions, new beginnings, fresh starts…however you want to put it doesn’t change it, it is a new year!


I’m usually up to my ears in lists of New Years Resolutions by this time but this year I just couldn’t come up with anything. Could it be, in the past year could I have really, actually, truly become the person I’ve always wanted to be?! Of course not! Perhaps I’ve finally learned to accept things the way they are? Ha, that’s definitely not the case! Maybe just a case of a busy holiday season with no time to over-analyze, scrutinize, pick apart, and criticize my life? Ding, ding, ding! Now we’re talking…

Busy holidays to say the least! In the past two weeks the kids and I have spent a grand total of 3 nights sleeping in our own beds – one of which was Christmas Eve! I absolutely love spending time with friends & family as much as possible but I miss my bed and my routine and my kitchen and my slippers…..the list could go on! 

Through all the hustle & bustle of the holidays I seemed to forget about the starting of a new year. It’s like opening a new book, that feeling of excitement mixed with the unknown – 365 pages just waiting to be written, and I get to write them! 

I generally like to start off my new year right – new goals, plans for lifestyle changes, the typical eat healthier, be more active, etc, etc. No matter how typical this is – and how likely the majority of us are to have failed by March – I’m doing it again! Eating healthier, exercising more, spending more quality time with my kids, practicing being patient, the list of possible improvements goes on and on!

I do try to not take on too much at once, not overwhelm myself with unrealistic goals but rather set out clear plans with baby steps that snow ball into bigger changes that take me to where I want to be….wait a sec, does this sound familiar…

Taking big steps, Making big changes, Appreciating every little thing along the way

It’s the tag line that has been pasted along the top of my blog for months now! 

Now I don’t intend to start eating protein bars shakes, I won’t count calories or weigh my food, I don’t plan to calculate my BMI or even find out my weight! I am just your regular, everyday mother trying to live a healthy, active lifestyle and become the best version of  myself I possibly can. Even though I wasn’t ready with my plan/list on the first of January that doesn’t mean I can’t start now. Anyone can start any time, and for me this feels like a great time!


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