The Christmas Sweater

Sometimes it is crystal clear that things happen for a reason! Perfect example follows….

Earlier, I posted about Christmas and my thoughts on gift giving, tonight’s bedtime story aligned perfectly with my thoughts! Last week we took a trip to the library in search of anything Christmas related: books, music, movies. What we found was very little, it seemed everyone else beat us to it! There was one book left on the Christmas shelf – The Christmas Sweater: A Picture Book written by Glenn Beck and adapted from his novel, A Christmas Sweater. It was a story I’d never heard of before and since it fit our Christmas criteria we didn’t hesitate and home it came.

christmas sweater


It started out, not surprisingly, about a young boy wishing for a new bicycle for Christmas. Upon       finding out he got a handmade, knitted sweater from his mother he was sorely disappointed. I won’t tell you the entire story but there was a line that completely parallels what I’ve been trying to teach my children about gift giving:

 “See, when a gift is made by hand,
all of that person’s love is captured in it.”


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Sweater

  1. Thanks for the post. I’ll have to look up that book. It reminds me of a Christmas my uncle gave me a hand-made wallet and I selfishly cried because I wanted a store-bought one. Hey, I just blogged a post on some of my favorite Christmas books I read to my children when they were growing up. Check it out and add your own in the comments! Thanks again.

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