Weekly Intentions


My love affair with intentions is no secret. I enjoy creating focus, setting challenges, and working toward becoming the best possible me I can be. Here’s another round of weekly directions I intend to take…

1.) With all this recent Christmas baking & bark eating, there needs to be some compensation physically. During the last few weeks of my term I completely gave up all fitness related activities in a trade off for study time. It paid off regarding my school work but now it’s time to get back on the wagon physically! Plus, it is absolutely key to my mental health! When I’m not feeling fit I’m not a happy camper! I started off my morning with a simple 15 minute session of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which is actually my most favourite form of exercise! It’s quick but intense! Followed by some yoga that was intense but simultaneously relaxing, thanks to Tara Stiles free yoga videos, I felt like a million bucks afterward!

2.) Once I’ve taken care of myself with my first intention, I can then focus on everyone else! Christmas this year is a completely “homemade” Christmas! I’ve been slowly working away at knitting hats and crocheting cute little headband ear warmers for all the people on my Christmas list. When I saw slowly, I mean REALLY slowly! Now with school out of the way it’s crunch time! I’ve got 8 days and a huge list BUT I’m looking forward to it! While my cookies are baking and peanuts are roasting, I’ll be cozy in my slippers working with my yarn! I’m looking forward to it 🙂

3.) For my final weekly intention, I plan to focus on one of the things that is most important to me – food! With the past few weeks chaotic from the end of term rush, I’ve been severely slacking in the dinner department! We’ve been having breakfast for supper so many times it’s not exciting anymore! This week I plan to finally spend some quality time in my kitchen and get back into the meal making habit! Starting tomorrow night with something my mouth has been watering for….Chicken alfredo spaghetti squash!!! Maybe if your lucky I’ll share with you tomorrow 🙂 


 I love this photo I found in a Google search! Sums up my exact intention with these intentions! Think it, focus on it, and do it!   


3 thoughts on “Weekly Intentions

      • I would get the occasional pains when I was working on some of the blankets that I’ve done, but I think it was because I set a deadline for myself and was really working hard to try and finish the tree skirt that I pushed my wrist harder than normal. Just be aware!!! 😀

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