The Adventure Continues – Melted Fun!

If you missed my last post, I filled you in on how my exams are finally over & I’ve officially begun my Christmas baking! Phase one was Christmas Bark, and believe you me, you don’t want to miss out on the newest version of Christmas bark I’ve tried (and eaten all of within 24 hours AND made more of…and started eating that batch too 🙂 ).

I actualy made something i pinned in pinterest 1

The adventure continues with something I’ve seen circulating Pinterest since November…..


The Melted Mint Platter!

They made this look so easy but I had my doubts about whether it would work or not. A girlfriend of mine was dying to try it so while we were at the Bulk Barn we figured what they hey, we’d give it a go! Only $0.33 per 100g of mints made it a cheap experimentation as well! So, as the original recipe instructed, we lined the pan with parchment paper and mints equally spaced apart…..


Attempting to make a round serving platter…

Then baked for about 8 minutes-ish. We actually just watched it through the oven window non-stop in complete awe as the mints slowly melted together forming one solid unit. I was shocked – it was actually working!Then we took it out of the oven and let it cool.



The edges bubbled up a bit more than we would have liked – and upon cooling ended up being a tad thinner than the rest of the platter. But over all I would call this a success!

Tips for Next Time: Bake just a tad shorter – this will hopefully eliminate the bubbled, thin edges. Also, we decided to try it in a pie plate next time. With a full pie plate of mints, the melted mints will have a small edge to pool against and this will hopefully create a straight, thicker edge to the platter.

We put our experiment to use immediately. My girlfriend was going to a Christmas party Saturday night and so we filled the platter with several of the goodies we’d created that evening.


….And topped it with a bow! What a cute hostess gift!



5 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues – Melted Fun!

    • Don’t feel bad – Mine was actually the second attempt. #1 is still stuck to the pan it was melted in 😦 at this point I think the only way of removing it is by rebaking it!!!!

      • Hahaha! That makes me feel a lot better. 😀 The pin makes it seem very easy, but you really need to know all of the little tricks in order to come out with a successful plate.

      • The pin makes it look extremely easy & straightforward – hence my apprehension about it all! I’ve seen far too many ‘perfect’ things on Pinterest lately….it isn’t as straightforward as the pin claims but it is definitely doable!

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