Weekly Intentions

Focus your attention on your intention

It’s a little something I picked up from CBC radio *if you aren’t Canadian and you don’t know what CBC radio is please google it, you don’t know what your missing!! The broadcast was from back in October but the words have stuck with me immensely! The topic was procrastination (interesting side note, there is definitely a major psychology final happening in less than an hour….hmm procrastination….) obviously I cranked the radio up to listen to the show’s “expert” teach me what the cause is and how to overcome it. What I did in fact hear was nothing new or earth shattering; no Eureka moment that solves my awful habit. But these words have stuck with me and I’ve found them to be very beneficial, like a mother nagging in my ear when there’s an assignment to do and my mouse is leaning toward my Pinterest bookmark.

Outside of school demands, I’ve always been a fan of goal setting and intention making – it’s the follow through where I often fail! Back in the summer I started these Weekly Intention posts and I really liked them! It is simple really, rather than bombarding myself with all the things I want to change about myself/my life all at once I focus on smaller details and aim to work on them for one weeks time. So here goes nothing; watch out world, here comes Sarah; getting back in the saddle; focusing my attention on my intention; ready or not here I come; ….this wouldn’t be me procrastinating now would it :p

1. Rekindle my love affair with fruits & veggies! It is generally this time in the semester where stress and fatigue kick in and fruits and veggies are kick out! Replaces by dense, filling grains, too much take out, and sugary sweets (Did you know the ginerbread donut is back at Tim Hortons?!!?!?!). Today’s brown bag lunch consists of only fruits and veggies – off to a good start in that department! Also, to go along with this is a little goal the kids and I made together. We’ve decided to curb our eating out habit (that seems to be getting out of control!) we’ve given up eating out FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!! That’s right, for an entire month we are only allowed to eat out on Saturdays!

2. Christmas present making!!! I have 5 nieces to get Christmas presents for and considering how spoiled these little girls are no toy would ever make them happy (expect a ranting Christmas/toy/spoiled children post in the near future FYI!) Anyway, the plan is cute matching scarves for the batch of them. One is done but Kate (my daughter) has claimed it with the promise that she will help me make the others – which I hope are done this week. Ok, maybe not all of them done but at least one should be done by the end of the week!

3. Of course my final intention for this week needs to be school related – after all  it is my full time job! Classes are ending this week which puts me into my exam period. I was “lucky” enough to have the majority of my finals during regular class time during the last two weeks. I say “lucky” because during the last two weeks I’ve had 4 finals, 2 research papers, 1 essay, 1 group assignment (which ended up being 52 pages long!), and a handful of presentations. *Perhaps it is clear now why I’ve forgotten to eat my fruits & veggies??!! After my exam today I will have only one exam to go and it is scheduled for 2 weeks from now! My intention is to have all those study notes done by the end of the week leaving me with an entire week of leisurely review! Sounds simple enough but realistically all I want to do is stay in my jammies all day baking and knitting…..maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find a balance between the two. I also see nothing wrong with having a pajama day here and there, after all, I study best when I’m comfortable!

…..no more procrastinating, there’s an exam that needs to be written. Here we go Cognitive Psych, let’s see how much I encoded in the past 3 months 🙂


3 thoughts on “Weekly Intentions

    • YES, your going!!! That is awesome, I remember you mentioning this as a possibility a while back!! Good for you! My best advice – start off on the right foot! Start off right from the get go reading and re-writing your notes and reviewing lectures, etc. so that you don’t fall behind!!! It’s so hard to catch up and so much easier to stay a step ahead!!!!

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