Smoothies in my house are more than just a delicious treat, they are an integral part of our lifestyle; a reflection of each individual family member varying in flavour, consistency, and ingredients.

My son is a fruit lover – always has been and likely always will be. His favourite smoothie is the basic combination of mixed frozen fruit, dollop of vanilla yogurt, splash of whatever fruit juice is in the fridge, and blend. This is definitely our go-to smoothie combination for those hot summer days we had – those humid, hazy days that already feel so long gone…

My daughter on the other hand is a little pickier about her flavours. Whereas my son is happy to have any random handful of fruit tossed in the blender my daughter is much more precise about creating the flavour of her choice. 3 frozen strawberries, 7 frozen blueberries, 1 frozen peach slice, add the juice up to a specific pre-determined spot on the cup, and so on, until she’s created the perfect concoction.

Personally I find myself coming up with THE BEST SMOOTHIE EVER, and repeating this combination for weeks until it’s greatness seems to diminish and I’m left searching again for the actual best. Although I do love a healthy smoothie, I don’t discriminate. For quite some time now it’s been a coffee based, vanilla flavoured combination holding a special place in my heart. Recently though I’ve found myself (once again!) lacking the love for this delicious drink. Perhaps it is the cooling temperatures contributing but I think today I finally got to the bottom of my smoothie drought – PUMPKIN, or the lack of!

I swear as soon as September hits the air changes and my mouth waters for pumpkin. Pumpkin everything and anything. We’ve had a few solid months of enjoying pumpkin baking (cookies, muffins, loaves, granola) and now it’s time for pumpkin drinking! Here it is my friends, the BEST SMOOTHIE EVER – I call it, Pumpkin in a Cup (witty I know!)


I combined half a frozen banana, half a cup of pumpkin purée (we baked our own rather than using a can but either one would work!), a generous amount of maple syrup (also homemade, just not by me!), half a teaspoon each of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon, half a cup of rolled oats (gives it a great texture and makes it basically a meal in a cup!), then added unsweetened almond milk.
It was absolutely divine! Actually at first it was really thick & lumpy (thanks to the oats) but I added more milk and viola – perfection! Well, almost perfection….


Perfection was established later on after dinner when the kids & I decided to make smoothies as our bedtime snack. So much healthier than a bag of chips plus such great family time in the kitchen making them! I told my daughter about the one I created earlier in the day and my little pumpkin loving munchkin was dying to try it. Everything was in our bullet ready to be combined into a smooth cup of awesome-ness when suddenly she asked, “Is there any way we could add chocolate?” ummm…..YES! A few spoonfuls of cocoa and a full minute of blending we reached absolute perfection! It is an absolute must try. Sorry my measurements are very clear but really that is how I believe the best smoothies are made – a little of this, a lot of that and viola!
If you haven’t jumped on the smoothie bandwagon yet you are really missing out! So many great combinations, so many health benefits, and so many sweet unhealthy treats are just waiting to be mixed & enjoyed! Try some and let me know how they work out for you!!

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