Absence for a Worthy Cause

When you take a long writing break, will take practice to get back in the game.
Practice in writing is important.
Don’t know what to write?
Did you meet someone interesting today?
Tell us about it.
Did you learn something cool and new?
Tell us about it.
Did you have a PMS moment that was crazy as hell, but so crazy it was funny?
Tell us about it.
Are you having an odd thought?
Tell us about it!

A little bit of advice I was given recently in response to my “absence” here in the blogging land. A little confession here, I haven’t actually been completely absent from WordPress. There’s a new blog….but before you get offended or think I left you all high & dry hear me out! It’s a different kind of blog! 

It is actually narrating something absolutely wonderful and very near & dear to my family and my heart. It is a blog chronicling the adventures (and misfortunes) of something called The Run 4 Rural Mental Health.

Issues regarding mental health care and specifically access to mental health services are heightened in rural communities. With fewer people living farther between it isn’t feasible to have mental health service centres in each small communities. However it is also unacceptable to have NO services available.

This is often the case in the rural community I grew up in. There is however one, small, fantastic organization attempting to meet the needs of members of the community and surrounding area. This organization is under-funded, over-needed, and running well beyond capacity. Something needed to change and someone very special to me decided to step up and try to help.

The Run 4 Rural Mental Health is an 1800km journey (that’s 1118 miles for my American readers!) from Strathroy, Ontario to Miramichi, New Brunswick raising much needed funds for this agency. My Dad is running through rural communities in an attempt to create awareness about a problem facing not just our own community but our country as a whole. Mental health issues amount to more societal burden than all cancers combined (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2012) – proving that this issues touches us all!

Check out the Run 4 Rural Mental Health at their official webpage OR the official blog detailing the experiences along the way.

Just some of my family supporting the Run 4 Rural Mental Health at the kick off party


**I should note that if you go to the Run 4 Rural Mental Health webpage you’ll see the runner, my father, running with His Excellency David Johnston – Canada’s Governor General – as well as his wife, Her Excellency Sharon Johnston! For those not aware of Canada’s political system this guy is basically the “top dog” in Canada! He technically ranks above the Prime Minister and is the Queen’s representative in Canada. To meet him would be an amazing experience but to also run with him, share a meal with him, and be welcomed into his home, the historic Rideau Hall – wow!! I am so proud of my parents and what they are accomplishing and so excited for the adventures they’ve had along the way so far!** 

….and on a different note, I’m back 🙂


3 thoughts on “Absence for a Worthy Cause

  1. I just wrote on mental health, wonderful you have another blog. Yes, I was the one dishing the advice.

    Love the new writing style. It has pazazz! Just returned from a long much needed break too.



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