The End

Summer is over.

Technically the season isn’t but summer vacation is. I’m not sad about it, it is simply a point.

Because the end is here I’ve been reviewing my Summer Fun To Do List to place check marks in their respective boxes of course (best feeling ever!). I’ve noticed we’ve done pretty darn good considering we only had 3 weeks of actual holidays and one of those weeks the kids were gone visiting at their Father’s house. So here’s the run down:

  • Hiking the Bruce Trail- check (I posted about this one remember?!) 
  • Kayaking – check
  • Biking in Niagara – check
  • Ride the Maid of the Mist – check
  • Go to a Hamilton Tiger-Cats game – tickets have been purchased and we will be there on Monday (the absolute final day of summer holidays!) 

Camping was the one thing on our official list that didn’t get accomplished and trust me, I’m super bummed out about this. Although I am happy with all the activities we did do and the amount of outdoor exploring & fun that was involved. We did visit a few camp grounds for day use activities like hiking and swimming. Sure we didn’t sleep outside but technically camping season is not over yet!! I’ve been concocting some ideas/plans for a possible cabin camping experience in October….I’ll keep you posted on that one!

It is the long weekend here, the last opportunity for fun & excitement before it’s back to backpacks, school books & packing lunches. We, however, are not enjoying any of the excitement this weekend has to offer. One kid is sick (violently ill within 5 minutes of putting anything down!) and the other is quite content to lounge on the couch for a movie day with his sister. I’ve been scrubbing & bleaching every inch of our home in an attempt to beat this nasty bug! Aside from the icky sickness in the air and the required cleaning that comes with this type of sickness, it is actually kind of nice. It is quiet and we’ve got no place to go and nothing that is required of us. Fitting considering our schedule demands that lie right around the corner….

Farewell summer, it’s been a slice!

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