Clutter in my space creates clutter in my mind.

I like wide open space -in my house & in my mind- free from clutter, full of room to stretch & grow, think & be.

Clutter makes me cranky!
So today’s task was to DE-clutter my space.

My kids were thrilled to tear through all of their closets and try things on. We sorted on a very organized fashion: a pile for keepers, a pile for too smalls, and even a pile for the “I just won’t wear that’s” and she’s only 6! The house was completely trashed by lunch. I was apprehensive about what we’d undertaken. Often in my attempts to clean I just make more messes and then quit before I ever really finish. Today was not one of those days! Eventually all was put in it’s proper place – or in a new & better place!

The kids were each promised a dollar if they dusted- and dust they did! In the end they each earned $2 which they’ve already planned to spend on our next trip to the Farmer’s Market (Saturday). There is a bouncy house there that cost $2 for a turn bouncing, perfect. I should add that with nothing but hardwood floors, a large (dusty) puppy, as well as her even larger (dustier) pooch companion who visits frequently – dusting is no easy task! They have definitely earned their turn in that bouncy house!

Now that the day is done and the night is still, I look around the quiet house and I feel peace. My mind is at ease and I am relaxed. Without the clutter I feel ready to take on the challenges of back to school (this coming Tuesday!) September is a time for fresh starts, new routines, and new beginnings! Now that I’ve cleared away the clutter of the summer I’m ready for September!

Mission accomplished!


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