Books for Fun

To read for fun, now that’s a thought!

There is not much that compares to picking up a book, opening the worn pages (because I borrow from the library or re-read them so many times!), and being instantly transported to another place and time. It isn’t just an escape from reality but an entirely separate reality that a great novel can take me to instantly as the book opens – and my kids can drag me out of instantly!

Thanks to the demands of my studies, I don’t read for fun very often. I do read a lot but it is always centred around my academic responsibilities. Sometimes I most certainly do enjoy what I study and the required reading but it isn’t quite the same.

Since my term has ended I’ve finally been able to again pick up a book simply for fun. I started with an easy read, Eat, Pray, Love. It’s a story I love and hate for Arizona reasons. Love the way Elizabeth Gilbert writes, reading this book feels like having a long conversation with a close friend. Hate that it is so unrealistic and provides very, very false ideals about the world. But it is pleasurable to read and was a great story to get my nose back into books.

I’ve now moved onto something that has been a long time coming. I’m too poor cheap frugal to buy books new so instead I borrow from my local library. I’ve had a hold on this book for what feels like forever but the wait is proving worthwhile! I’ve not yet completed this book but so far absolutely LOVE it!


and if your wondering that is my new “mint sprint” on my nails – love it too!

I’ll share more about this book once I finish.

I’ve also continued my journey through Narnia by snagging the next novel in the series, The Voyage of the Dawn Trader. I also borrowed the audio version because we’ve got a few long journeys ahead of us in this upcoming week.

To add to my recent reads I thought I would share this list I found online. Many of these books are among my most treasured so I’m declaring this list legit.

40 Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down


Enjoy and happy reading folks!


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