Good Morning Yoga


To clarify, I didn’t actually MAKE this one so much as I actually DID it.

I regularly search for new exercise/fitness ideas on Pinterest, anything to spice up my regular routine. I come across a LOT of Yoga suggestions, poses, routines, etc. I have heard about the benefits of Yoga and have many friends who absolutely love (and need!) their yoga but I just haven’t jumped on this bandwagon. I’ve wanted to but it’s one of those things that because I don’t know how to do it, I won’t try to do it. I like to be good at things. If I am unsure of how to do something then I’m not likely to be good at it and therefore it doesn’t happen. Sad, I know!

Every once in a while I do push outside my comfort zone and try new things. And every once in a while I realize how incredibly wrong my way of thinking is! Yoga is a perfect example.

Thanks to our Nintendo Wii and the WiiFit game we have, my daughter (6) absolutely loves yoga. She does it regularly and gets much praise from her virtual coach. I found this “Good Morning Yoga Sequence” a friend pinned on Pinteretst and thought, what the hey, I haven’t anything to lose! With my most recent Weekly Will Do  focusing on exercise & toning I decided to add some yoga into the mix. Plus with all the workouts I have been doing, a little stretching sounded really nice!

So first thing in the morning my daughter and I got up, grabbed my mat and headed to the living room! We followed along the sequence laid out and it felt great! I don’t think I’ve been completely converted but I will say that I enjoyed it. Where I was feeling tight & tense I felt relaxed. I had an overall feeling of being refreshed and ready to start the day.  I think yoga in the morning is a great idea and maybe one day it’ll be a habit that sticks!

Good AM yoga sequence!


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