Will Do’s

Short term. Directive. Will Do’s.

The whole point to this is to focus on one thing per week. Each intention being a small step toward becoming the person I want to be, forming the habits I’d like to have, or eliminating the ones I already have but don’t need.

If you didn’t already hear about my failures & successes from last week check them out: here – for failures, and here – for success! In the end I succeeded with flying colours! Our zucchini muffins are such a super hit we’ve made more already! We’ve delivered some to our favourite neighbours who love zucchini and we’ve stocked our freezer with not only muffins but one loaf, dozens of mini loaves, and dozens of mini muffins. I mentioned that the recipe used up the last of our zucchini from the garden but luckily I was wrong! We had one more little guy hiding under the giant leaves of the zucchini plant and so much more baking happened today!

I’m still riding the high of this success and now I want more!

With the extra time I’ve got during these mere 3 weeks without classes I’ve decided to focus a little lot on myself. Health & fitness have always been of interest to me. From a young age I’ve been active and fairly fit. I danced with a highly competitive Irish Dancing school for nearly 10 years as well as playing soccer. Aside from organized sports I was always active and doing something.

After having children though, my activity level went down a few notches. Babies tend to limit your free time and even more than that, they made me feel guilty when I did take time to myself. There was always something I should be doing for them whether it was caring for them or folding laundry while they were napping. I really struggled to balance my own needs with their needs. If I did go for a run I’d feel guilty and turn around after a few kilometres because I’d convince myself that something else was more important.

After years of struggling to find this balance I’ve finally come to the conclusion: I am important! 

It has become clear that when I’m happier, my kids are happier. When I’m feeling better about myself I feel better about everything in my life. And when I’m active, I feel better about myself. I call this my positivity circle.

I’ve spent the past week being very active with my rugrats (hiking, kayaking, swimming, biking) but that isn’t enough for me. What I want is to be back to the fit & toned version of myself I used to be, or even better! So I’ve started back into my old home work out routines, and it feels great! I can already feel my muscles tightening back up again – I know there is a 6-pack under there! It has only been a few days but I already feel stronger which is such great motivation to keep going!

All too often I get on a roll and feel fantastic and then quit. It is so frustrating knowing how great I could be, feel, and look if only I’d put in the effort. But then when this type of thinking seeps in I start to wallow in self-pity and then I generally eat a lot of cookies. Suddenly my positivity circle turns into a negative vicious circle: feel bad about self, feel bad about other aspects of my life, be less active, feel worse. Then cranky Momma enters the picture and it’s bad for everyone!

I know it isn’t all about exercise though. In fact, I think that an even stronger influence on my health and fitness level (and mood) is my diet. By diet I don’t mean starving myself, counting calories, or any of that stuff. I simply mean what I eat. When I eat garbage I feel like garbage. When I eat a healthy,  as-close-to-natural as possible foods I feel much better! Does this happen to you? Take my mood if I eat a greasy burger (with bacon & cheese of course!) and fries OR if I was to eat salmon and veggies. Definitely happier with the latter.

So this week I’m doing some type of home workout every day along with whatever active stuff the kids and I get up to: biking, walking, spinning in circles until we’re dizzy…the usual 🙂 PLUS, along with the exercise aspect of it, I’ll be eating as healthy as possible and paying attention to what I eat rather than mindless snacking all day.

I’ll keep you updated on how I’m doing with this one. Wish me luck or even better JOIN ME! 🙂

I thought “Weekly Intention” was a little dull…..still the name of the category you’ll find each week’s intentions in but I’ve revamped the post’s title, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Will Do’s

  1. Your pregnant, this is your time to shine/be lazy/eat whatever you want!! When I was preggers the second time I lived on my couch, watched every single episode of Gilmore Girls and ate a LOT of Oreos (the only thing that seemed to not give me heartburn!!). Enjoy your time and join me later 🙂

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