Weekly Intention: Success!


I actually did it, I found a halfways healthy muffin recipe and I didn’t burn them baked them! And the best part, the kids love them!

I know I’m using a lot of bolds in this post but I’m seriously so excited about this! It is sad how many batches of muffins have turned out dry, dense, tasteless, or have gotten thrown out. I almost gave up but them found this recipe .

No added sugar (honey to sweeten instead), whole wheat, AND the recipe used up all my left over zucchini! It was meant to be…

Check out the original recipe for this Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread/Muffins and bookmark it because it’s a keeper! We made a double batch and will still have hardly any to freeze for school lunches! We’ll be making more of these for sure and maybe even switching up the recipe a little. Maybe some apples & carrot instea of zucchini, or maybe a little of everything just for fun!


We did cheat a little on the healthy side by adding a handful of white chocolate chips but I feel no shame or guilt. I enjoyed one in the afternoon while also enjoying an old favourite as the kids played at the park…



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