Delicious Reminiscence

Thanks to the extra time I’ve had since the chaos of summer has finally settled and the sweetness of summer has finally drifted in, I’ve finally got time to make real meals! We’ve had some amazing, mouthwatering meals lately and so I thought I’d share because, well, it’s always nice to share!

Let’s start off with something I’ve been so eager and excited about ever since I saw my zucchini plants flower: zucchini boats!

This was another recipe I originally found on Pinterest (oh how I love thee) and then quickly realized it originated from one of my favourite foodie blogs! Her recipes are always fantastic and straightforward – right up my alley!

She posted this recipe for Sausage Stuffed Zucchini Boats and right away the wheels in my head started turning! I’d never thought of stuffing zucchini before! I am not a huge fan of the sausage though so immediately I was thinking: chicken & spicy!

The result was my own twisted version of Skinny’s recipe, one that I call: Spicy Chicken Zucchini Boats –how creative is that?!

Basically it was home grown zucchini hallowed out, chicken breasts sliced, diced & spiced, stewed tomatoes, black beans, and lots of hot spices (cayenne, hot peppers, a combination of the hot sauces I found in the fridge). The result was an absolutely, mindblowingly, tastebud satisfying batch of goodness. See for yourself,





There’s no picture of what it looked like coming off the BBQ but they were covered in melted cheese 🙂 We had a typical salad to go along with this but it really was an entire meal in itself. We were only able to eat 1 of the 3 but the rest have been frozen and I’m sure won’t last long!

Hope I didn’t make you drool too much, I’ve got plenty more to come food wise! A little hint for what’s up next, it dealt with all my leftover zucchini from hallowing out my boats 😉 seriously, you won’t want to miss it!

Happy trails folks!


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