…another, Delicious Reminiscence


Another recipe I found first on Pinterest and as usual wondered, “why didn’t I think of that??” See for yourself!

These Pepperoni & Cheese Rollups, which we have been calling Pizza Rollers, are simple enough that my kids made their own plus they were great as leftovers too – win win!!


I gave them full control over their rollers and both chose cheese & bacon. Mine were loaded with veggies, peppers, bacon & cheese! Then we just rolled them up and baked until golden brown. Simple & delicious!



The part that makes me most excited about these: Kate (my non-sandwich eating, always bored with her school lunches daughter) decided they would be perfect for school lunches! I’m constantly trying to come up with something new & exciting to send for her since she gets bored so easily with her lunches. They were very filling too and great hot or cold!

Now since we had all the items needed for pizza making, a few days later we decided to do pizza for dinner. The only problem was that we didn’t have all the ingredients to make a crust but we did have pita bread! We each took one pita, smothered it in garlic butter & pizza sauce and then layered on cheese & our chosen toppings. Again, the kids were pretty simple while Boyfriend chose to load his up with meat. I added extra garlic to mine along with basil, cheese, veggies, hot peppers, and some extra cayenne just for kicks. I gotta tell you that one round little pita bread packed a whole lotta flavour in it! It was so much better than anything I’ve had for takeout. It was a dinner with no complaints – and no leftovers!



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