Weekly Intentions

Short term. Directive. Will Do’s.

The whole point to this is to focus on one thing per week. Each intention being a small step toward becoming the person I want to be, forming the habits I’d like to have, or eliminating the ones I already have but don’t need.

My previous weekly intention was a HUGE success. I stuck to the plan and thoroughly enjoyed myself while doing it. In case you missed it, my previous weekly intention was 1 glass of wine per day 🙂

It was actually something new for me to attempt as I’ve never been much of a wine drinker! I grew up in a small Ontario hick-town where it was classy to drink beer from a glass, and no one ever bothered to. My boyfriend’s family is a bit classier than mine and they are of the sort who enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, while the kids nap in the afternoon, really any time is a good time for a glass of wine!

At family functions it was always offered and I kindly turned it down however at a recent wedding it was simply poured for me and I hate to see anything go to waste (remember: wasted). So I managed it down and realized it wasn’t half bad, almost enjoyable! After a few more I really started to like it and couldn’t believe I’d gone my entire life without!

That was May. By June I was enjoying it more regularly and by July we’d become great friends. I’d go as far as to borrow Anne’s words and claim “bosom friends” on this one. Wine & I, kindred spirits.

In conclusion, Weekly Intention Wine Week = great success and will likely continue that one!

Enter a new week. Sure it’s Tuesday but I’m on summer holidays now so really the days & weeks have lost their meaning somewhat. There are many things I want to accomplish this week and of course I’ve got a To Do list on the go and I intend on getting it done but what I mostly want to do this week is bake.

Similar to the wine drinking, baking is not something I was raised doing. My mom was the baker and I would be lucky if I was able to stir, but even that I never seemed to be able to do right. I’ve mastered a few simple recipes like chocolate chip cookies & banana bread but can’t seem to get my muffins down…or rather up since they don’t seem to rise!
So that is what’s on the agenda for this week. Baking muffins and loaves and breads and cookies so that we can freeze them and have goodies to fill lunch boxes this fall. And just so that I’ve got something to nibble while I drink my wine…. 🙂

Got a great, easy recipe? Please share!

……Or a favourite kind of wine, I’m in the market for a new bottle 🙂

*Bosom Friends – Anne of Green Gables reference. I just read this chapter to my munchkins last night and was reminded once again how much I absolutely LOVE this book.

A bosom friend–an intimate friend, you know–a really
kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul. I’ve
dreamed of meeting her all my life.



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