Summer, at Last!

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that I pack my days pretty full. I take on a lot, often too much, and don’t stop until I fall asleep it gets done. If your newwelcome! And maybe a little peek here will fill you in, or check out my story, in a nutshell.

Whether your new or old (or young but been following for awhile!) it brings me great pleasure to tell you that it’s here, SUMMER TIME! Sure summer technically started awhile back, and fall isbright around the corner, stores are filled with back to school supplies and mothersa everywhere are counting down the days, but for us summer has just officially begun!

My summer term is over and so there is no need for my kids to be in either daycare or day camp as they have been thus far since school was out in June. We’ve got a whopping 3 weeks of time to spend together that is, for the most part, obligation free! Unfortunately the kids will be spending one of those three weeks visiting their respective fathers but aside from that I plan to make the most of  my time with them.

Becuase I am the way I am, I’ve created a list! It’s our SUMMER FUN TO DO LIST and it lists all the “fun” things we are going to do in the next few weeks until real life & obligations seep back into our lives. It goes a little like this:

  1. Go to a football game (specifically a Hamilton Tiger Cats game!)
  2. Kayak anywhere – most likely it’ll be on the Grand River or at the nearest conservation area but location doesn’t matter! 
  3. Hike with kids & dogs anywhere along the Bruce Trail – something I’ve never done in my life! 
  4. Bike along the Niagara river
  5. Ride the Maid of the Mist @ Niagara Falls -lucky for us my boyfriend lives just a few minutes from the falls!
  6. Visit the oldest sugar maple tree in Canada -also conveniently located near boyfriends home! 
  7. Go camping

Tickets have been purchased for the football game and the remainder of our list can all be completed while we visit my boyfriend later this week! He lives in a small town in the Niagara Region which is an area I am absolutely infatuated with! So much natural beauty, there are endless activities to do – and as a bonus, most don’t cost a penny!

Although it was a bit much having final exams & papers all happening at the same time as two sibling weddings, it all seems worth it now! School is done, weddings are done, all that is left is enjoying what is left of summer!


5 thoughts on “Summer, at Last!

  1. Hope you have a great summer. I love reading your daily thoughts. Makes my brain think of new ideas. 🙂 The Niagra region is georgeous! Liz

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