No Rhyme or Reason

This post is in response to a recent email from someone who is following my blog. I thank her for her kindness and thoughtfulness and respect her opinions. I too have my own opinions.

I will not use her name but she did however give me permission to copy/paste bits of her email to me.

“I enjoy reading your articles and often browse through your archives reading posts I missed throughout the past few months. As I was doing this the other day I couldn’t help but wonder what your blog was all about exactly.”

“….I think you’d be able to create a stronger following if you had a specific topic of interest or purpose. One clear cut reason for blogging…”

Once again, I do thank this women for all her comments, compliments, and constructive criticisms. And in case others share her same wave length, here’s the deal, my blog has no real rhyme or reason. No specific purpose or “topic of interest.”

The reason I began writing my blog was just for pure fun. Why not have a blog? It doesn’t cost me anything and I enjoy writing. I write (and will continue to write) whatever I’m interested I’m at that particular moment. Sometimes it’s food and sometimes it’s kids, sometimes it’s complaining and sometimes it’s boasting. But all the time, it’s whatever is on my mind.

I am the type of person who changes their mind, a lot! What I like or am focused on one day might very likely change the next. I believe to focus on one thing is to limit oneself. Why put up walls on a blog when it can so easily be free of boundaries.

The focus of my blog, as it reads across the top of the screen, “Taking big steps, making big changes, appreciating every little thing along the way”

In the past year I’ve made some major lifestyle changes. I’ve made several immensely life changing decisions – and this is the focus of my blog. Everything that is involved in my life & lifestyle. Sorry if I jump from food & recipes to rantings of a single mother to re-telling a funny story.

I’m honoured that you’ve all chosen to take a little peek into my life & my blog and I hope you continue to do so. But if a “focus of interest” is what your looking for, look elsewhere because I ain’t what your looking for!

*but I could point you into the direction of some fantastic, focused blogs*


11 thoughts on “No Rhyme or Reason

  1. I found your blog thru lizcentric’s blog post for others to share … enjoyed reading this installment. I am new to blogging on wordpress, and I am like you – I blog because I want/need to write, not just about one specific topic but about whatever crosses my mind. I plan on coming back & reading some of your other posts …

  2. Maybe i can help a little….try..Your blog does not have to have a specific category. I mean, look at mine. That’s why mine is called eccentric. I write whatever comes to mind. Could be love, sex, rants, travel, opinion, politics, history, movies. That’s why I have each article in one of those categories, on the right side under “categories.”
    Perhaps she meant to put things in categories?
    I am betting you may need a bit more about yourself and this blog on your “about page.”
    We’ll my blog title eccentric means unusual so I guess people know what they are getting.
    Critisicm is great, categories and about page are great ways to give readers a quick summary of you.
    A quick synopsis.
    Recipes could be a category or wedding etc…. I would even put your above thesis on your about page.

    The above is a wonderful summary of your blog.

    She was trying to help and I respect people who help other bloggers. It’s a WP community thing. Advice can be used or not. Hey, at least she read your blog – some people are rude and don’t read at all. 🙂

    Blog for you and not your audience. I know you already do.


    • I do like the criticism, and take it as a compliment really. She is a follower and enjoys my blog, just trying to help make it even better for me! I have got some categories like Food where I put recipes & other related posts but I will admit I don’t use WP up to it’s fullest potential! Advice is always graciously appreciated here, thanks 🙂
      …and for the record, I enjoy your eccentric articles!!

  3. She would probably say the same thing about my blog. My posts are random and rambling because they are about my life which, despite my OCD tendencies and Type A stressors, is also random and rambling. If my life was singularly focused, I and my blog would be boring. In fact, if that were the case, I probably wouldn’t write at all. Keep it up! The rest of us enjoy knowing we are not alone!

  4. My blog has a purpose/category, but I often stray from it and just write whatever is on my mind. I think of it as a public diary of sorts.

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