How Dare I

If someone else was me talking to me, telling me of their recent to do’s and happenings I would want to give them a smack! Life is busy, yes. Busy can be stressful, yes, very true. But how dare I complain –  it is all about perspective

Wedding Stress Will No Longer Be Stressful!

Perhaps easier because the two weddings in one week week has begun and wedding #1 was FANTASTIC! It was beautiful sunshine, 4 boats, magnificent Lake Erie, and delicious fresh perch. Plus, wedding #1 allowed me to keep up with my most recent Weekly Intention by letting me enjoy several glasses of wine and champagne! Wedding #2 is quickly approaching (this Saturday) and should be another great time. In the recent weeks leading up to this week I’ve made my fair share of complaints. * Who gets married on the long weekend? Who gets married on a boat, on a Tuesday evening? How do I find a babysitter? What about my exams? Just to name a few! *  But how dare I complain about how much running around these weddings have/are causing! They provide a much needed break from the everyday schedule, an opportunity to celebrate love and life, and most importantly bring about an excuse to crack multiple bottles of wine! I love my family and spending time with those who don’t get visited often. Weddings are perfect for catching up, sharing laughs, and enjoying the company of those I love.

School Stress Will No Longer Be Stressful!

This one is a little tougher. Exams don’t allow for ample wine drinking or celebrations with loved ones. In fact, they require the exact opposite! Time spent alone studying rather than enjoying the summer sunshine and happenings. BUT if I can survive my final three exams – rephrase – WHEN (not if) I survive my final three exams I will be free & clear of any and all academic obligations for an entire month! Nothing good ever comes easy or without a fight. This is the final battle…it will be stressful but I don’t have to let it defeat me! Until the battle is over, I will try my best to remain calm, enjoy the fascinating topics I’m studying and I will continue eating my most favourite study snacks – Peanut Butter Perfection!!

Life is too much fun when it is enjoyed to be wasting it stressed! So here’s how I’m altering my perspective:

How dare I complain about having to be a part of two weddings in one week. Instead I will be grateful for (A) having wonderful friends & family to visit with (B) the excuse to drink excess amounts of wine (even mid-week!) (C) the opportunity to dress up doubled by the fact that I have a boyfriend who looks fantastic dressed up as well!! (D) the heels I’m wearing as Maid of Honour (in Canada we spell it with a ‘u’ – kind of like colour!) in my sister’s wedding are hot pink! (E) People are in love!

How dare I complain about school. Instead I will be thankful that I am able to pursue the field I am interested in, the learning challenges that excite me and act as stepping stones to the career that will fill my days with meaning and purpose. The challenges along the way are small in the big picture and help me grow and develop as a student, mother, and person in general.

*Glass of wine in hand* Here’s to a stressful week that will be enjoyed to it’s fullest potential, hope yours is enjoyable to!

Question of the Day: How do you alter your perspective AND have you ever had two weddings in one week?! 


3 thoughts on “How Dare I

  1. CHEERS!!!
    I usually alter my perspective by consuming several glasses of wine. Wine makes things good. You can’t argue with science.
    I’ve never had two wedding in one week. That would most likely kill me. UNLESS THERE WAS LOTS OF WINE.

    • There is no wine at the wedding this weekend *gasp* but I’ve gotten word that there will be spiked punch and a cash bar…..and most likely a bottle (or two!) of my new love being smuggled in – have you tried The Beach House wines?? You should!

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