As I’ve mentioned before (as in right HERE), I’m a sucker for words. Sure, a picture says a thousand words or sometimes there are just no words to describe something BUT quite often I run into some great combinations of words. And when they are great, I like to share them.

“Hurry Slowly”

This one gives me the chills, it’s so powerful. Short and simple but direct and to the point. According to the article I read posted on the Women’s Running Magazine  website, it is a Norwegian expression. It was also the philosophy of Grete Waitz, famous Norwegian marathoner. 

Basically it means to do the things you need to, to get where you need to go, but to be patient along the way, to appreciate and take in the journey.

Very fitting for my life…



To enjoy other quotes to live by check out my collection of quotes page, add to it if you'd like and continue checking back, it is always growing! 

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