Weekly Intentions

Short term. Directive. Will Do’s.

The whole point to this is to focus on one thing per week. Each intention being a small step toward becoming the person I want to be, forming the habits I’d like to have, or eliminating the ones I already have but don’t need. 

This week is basically the climax of my hectic summer. Academic life meets family life, crashes into social life, piled on top travelling. Sounds like fun right? Well it will be, I know it will be! It’ll be stressful (already is!) and there will be challenges (already are!) but I know in the end I’ll be making memories and smiling throughout.

2 weddings & 2 papers due (one counts as a final exam). On top of that, next week I have 3 exams meaning this week time should be dedicated to preparing for them…..not enough time in the week for that I’m afraid!

So it will be hard to fulfil a weekly intention UNLESS you think/plan like me 🙂

Instead of setting myself up for failure saying that I am going to try to exercise more often or eat more healthy or read more (all things I intend on intending to do!!), I’ve created this weekly intention to be something that will assist me. Something that should ease the tension and take the edge off. On top of this new weekly intention, I am going to continue doing last week’s – 10 push ups per day. This is simply because my dress for my sister’s wedding is strapless and after one week I’ve already seen so much improvement – why didn’t I start this months ago?! Either way, I’m doing it now and it feels/looks great!

As for this week’s intention…..drum roll please….

1 glass of wine per day.

That’s how I roll.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Intentions

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