Photo-A-Day Challenge

I highly suggest you try doing the photo-a-day challenge! I don’t actually take a photo a day as I believe it was originally intended. I take many photos throughout the month and find ones that fit the daily criteria. Actually, if you take a peek here, you’ll see I’ve only actually got half of July’s photos posted – but the best part about this challenge is that, according to the creator Fat Mum Slim, there are no rules!!

I often get caught up in the many to do’s and obligations and forget about the great moments I’ve had. I find this is such a great way to relive your months moments and keep things in perspective.

It is ok if you haven’t followed during July, the next month’s challenge is already posted! Check out Fat Mum Slim for exact instructions and her August Challenge.

Let me know if your up for the challenge so I can follow you and your pictures!!! 


***And just as a heads up, my big sister is getting married on August 4 and my boyfriend’s big brother is getting married the same week. The challenge for Aug 4 is “somewhere you sat” – I can’t wait to use wedding pics for this one – especially since one of the weddings in on a boat and the seating arrangement is unique to say the least – Stay tuned!*** 


3 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day Challenge

    • I love, love, LOVE the photos you post regularly – now I’ll definitely be checking out all your photo challenge pages!!! Thanks for the heads up!! I’m excited for August and I’m actually going to try to do it as a daily thing rather than an end of the month scramble!!

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