A Pinned Dinner

Sometimes I get in dinner slumps. We eat the same things over and over again because we enjoy them but too much of a good thing is never a good thing!

Thank goodness for Pinterest!


A friend of mine –as in a real life friend not just a stranger I follow on Pinterest– has always got the greatest, simplest dishes pinned so I took a little looksie at her boards in the hopes of peeling out of this slump….southwestern beans & chicken in the slow cooker!

Here’s the original recipe. And here’s what I started with:


*Move over bullet, make room for another one of my favourite appliances!*

So taking what the recipe called for and using what I had in my freezer/pantry, I ended up having the opportunity to clear out some of last years harvest from my garden! There’s a jar of home-made salsa, a baggy of home-grown crushed tomatoes, and a bag of home-grown sweet corn cut from the cob.

Combining it all with some beans and chicken into the crock pot was fairly quick & painless. Then I left only to return several hours later to a home filled with the aromas of tomato and garlic…yum!!

All that was left was to enjoy! Served on leftover brown rice, even the kids enjoyed this dish! Sure they complained about the beans at first but then quickly remembered that they like beans, “just don’t like the way they look that’s all!” …according to the 6 year old.


Who would have thought I’d use my crock pot in the summer?! But I avoided having to turn on the oven or stove top so it was a definite win! Highly recommend this one!


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