Yup, completely wasted.

No I’m not drunk blogging (although I’ve seen/read it being done and similar to drunk texting and drunk facebooking, it’s entertaining) Yes I may be a student but I’m not the typical sort who consumes an astronomical amount of alcohol and gets this sort of ‘wasted.’ When I refer to wasted I’m talking about wasted food. Wasted groceries to be exact.

Last night as the chicken was BBQ’ing and the table was set I was digging through the fridge to find the soy sauce to go with the munchkin’s rice (they’re addicted to the salt-infested sauce!) Through my digging I started coming across several spoiled items.

Grapes. Tomatoes. Left over Corn on the cob. Nectarines. Peaches. One plum. Left over homemade pesto sauce (so good!) Mayo that expired in 2011 (can ya tell I never eat the stuff?!) and finally, some cheese that had seen better days.

Just to clarify, I do clean out my fridge regularly generally right before or after the weekly grocery trip! So the issue isn’t a build up from lack of cleaning. I didn’t buy a lot of groceries last week – and the week before that we weren’t home. So the issue isn’t an excess of food. So what’s the issue?

It is frustrating when funds are limited (remember: single parent/student) to waste so much food. I am dollar conscious and so throwing away all that food felt like I was throwing cash straight into the trash (I made a rhyme!) It is also frustrating to know how many go without enough food and here I am wasting it. Not that they would have wanted to eat my mouldy cheese but it relates and makes me feel guilty.  

When we go grocery shopping we go with a list and for the most part we stick to the list (as long as I don’t shop hungry!). I encourage my kids to pick the fruits and veggies they would like to eat for the upcoming week and happily purchase their choices. However, it seems as though Kate (age 6) becomes madly in love with every fruit while grocery shopping. She gets so excited and giddy in the fresh produce section and tells me all about how much she looooves peaches. And plums. And oranges. And kiwi. And of course the regulars we buy every week like apples, bananas, and grapes. Kate’s deep love for fruit seems to flee once we leave the grocery store however, leaving the fruit to slowly evolve into piles of stinky mush in our fridge & fruit bowl.

Now I am not blaming my whole problem on a six-year old….just some of it. Changes will be made to this week’s shopping trip, she will be given limitations to her fruit selections. I just don’t like the idea of discouraging her love for fruit – it’s much better than a love for unhealthy snacks such as chips & cookies – but I don’t like the wasted food either.

We’ve come a long way throughout the past year with the whole “Eat what’s on your plate” rule. I’ve advocated for taking what you like but eating what you take. This lesson has had its share of ups and downs and it’s not over yet, but we’re getting there. Obviously we’ve got more work to do on the wasting food issue. Choosing snacks according to what is closest to spoiling, freezing what we aren’t going to eat before it’s too late…just a few strategies to try.

Basically just wanted to rant about wasted food. I don’t like it.

How do YOU avoid wasting food? Got any strategies you’d care to share?
*I did that rhyming thing again, and I liked it!


2 thoughts on “Wasted

  1. I hate finding rotten food in the fridge, but it does happen more often than I like to admit. I can also relate to your daughter’s tendency to fall in love with food when it’s in the store. I try to avoid shopping when I’m hungry, because inevitably I’ll buy a ton of things that I crave at that very second but lose interest in soon after.

    • Like the fresh sun dried tomatoes that I just HAD to have….and then had to throw out? Or the green olives we get every time we go to the farmer’s market and never manage to use half of them?!

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