Photo Contest Winner

Have you met my Sophie? I’m sure you’ve read about her…but you probably didn’t know that she is practically famous!

My Sophie won 3rd prize in a photo contest! Just for the record both my kids won the baby contest the year they were born in the small town I used to live in – it may or may not have been because I had the biggest family in town but winners nonetheless! 

I am glad to add Sophie to my list of winners 🙂

And go check out CoffeePoweredMom if you want to see the 1st and 2nd place winners – or just to be entertained by her regular posts and challenges!

Thanks to all who voted for Sophie!


3 thoughts on “Photo Contest Winner

  1. What a great photo 😀 You sure know how to rock the creative aspect of the challenge.
    I think what made this photo really awesome was how Sophie sat there, leash unheld, gazing at the coffee as if it were her own.
    You rock!

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