Heat Appreciation

That feeling you get when your fingers are so cold they feel twice their size and don’t work properly.

When your toes feel like they are frozen together inside your boots that claim to protect you in -20 degree temperature but they sure don’t! And then that awful feeling when you remove your foot from your boot and have to wiggle your toes and they feel like they are ripping apart.

When you can’t get up in the morning because the wood stove has gone out through the night and you’v found that perfectly warm cozy spot in your bed. If you move even a centimetre you’ll lose your warm spot.

The cold toilet seat. no explanation needed

Scraping the car windows. Aside from the kids enjoyment as I clear a hole in the window ice making the outside world visible from inside the car, this job is torture.

Snotsicle – if you don’t know what this is stop and think for a minute: your face is frozen, you can’t feel the moisture leaking from your nose, it ultimately freezes leaving you with not an ice-sicle but a snotsicle!

The getting out the door and off to school routine in December, January, February, March, and soemtimes even in April. The snow-pants, the hats, the boots that are still wet from yesterday, the one lost mitten, and then finding out the school buses are delayed due to snow and icy road conditions and won’t be picking kids up for another two hours.

Just reminding myself of all the reasons why I dislike the cold so that I can bear the heat a little better! 


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