School IS Cool

Ok maybe calling school “cool” is a stretch and to be honest I don’t think I even know what cool is any more. I see kids wearing their pants well below their tush and listening to music that…well I wouldn’t even call it music. Anyway, if school isn’t cool it is at least fun, for me!

I’ve been writing a paper that is in response to another paper published by some highly educated, highly paid researchers. The title of the paper, “Teenage Pregnancy: Who Suffers?” Of course being that I was once a teen mom (before it was deemed ‘cool’ and sensationalized by MTV’s) I get a little offended by the title. But I swallowed my pride and urge to fight back. I attempted to keep an open mind as I read on….

Unfortunately these guys weren’t able to redeem themselves in my book. Yes I believe a lot of what they mentioned was fact but perhaps a mention to those who have a child in their teen years and thrive from it rather than struggle and become a burden on all of society. Now I don’t in any way encourage teen pregnancy but I do think I personally do not fit into their stereotypical pigeon-hole results of what it is like to be a teen mom. And I don’t believe that my children have suffered at all.

Now the reason for this post isn’t just to rant about some research article that was published that goes against my own personal experiences and opinions. What I need is some evidence disproving their facts! I know I’ve got a few young Mom followers on here – and maybe they’ve got a few more following them! I am looking for anyone willing to give some input on how neither you, your child, or your community has suffered from you giving birth in your teen years. If anyone would like to share some of their personal thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc. then please do share either in the comments or email me: skerrigan AT

Thanks 🙂


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