Thirsty Thursday

I love coffee

Morning, noon, and night, I love coffee! I love the way it warms me up when it’s cold out, hugs me on the inside when I’m feeling down, and perks me up when energy is running low. I even love it in the summer when sipping makes me sweat.

Everywhere I look I see options for cold coffee or coffee flavoured drinks. There’s the infamous Iced Capp @ Tim Hortons (which I’ve recently given up cold turkey – tough but necessary – another post for that story) Then there’s Starbucks and all their great cold concoctions however a little too over priced for the single mom, struggling student like myself! Williams has many varieties but are also fairly expensive and not as conveniently located. Even McPuke’s has jumped on the cold coffee bandwagon and they only cost $1! I had one and loved it but prefer the consume anything from McDonald’s as IN-frequently as possible!

Boyfriend and I were discussing the cold option as we drank coffee in 34 degree weather (if your used to farenhite, just know that this is hot and not typical of my area plus there was a humidex advisory on top of that!) So as we sweat we finally agreed to give it a shot.

The results were surprisingly good! And ever since I’ve been toying around with different variations, consistency, and flavours.

That first attempt was simply old coffee leftover in the pot from morning blended with ice cubes and cream making a delicious slushie type of coffee. The downside was that the ice diluted it and weakened the coffee flavour.

I think today I hit the jackpot with what I’ve decided is my favourite! Of course I’ll share. My apologies, I don’t measure anything!

Step 1
Brew coffee extra strong. I like strong coffee to begin with but I’ve found my usual is still not strong enough as the ice dilutes it quite a bit.

Step 2
Freeze this coffee in ice cube trays.

Step 3
Make more coffee – this time your usual strength works! Once brewed, chill in fridge or do as I do – leave your leftovers from the morning sitting all day and when you return home in the evening it is perfect 🙂

Step 4
Fill cup a little less than 3/4 full (I’m not good at fractions) of your chilled coffee and add a few of your strong coffee cubes.

Step 5
Add milk, cream, flavour syrup – whatever you’d prefer. My perfect cold coffee has a splash of vanilla flavoured syrup which also eliminates the need for sugar because this syrup is very sweet – too sweet for my regular coffees but perfect for a cold treat!

Step 6
Blend all together. I’ve got one of these bad boys and use it an average of 2 times a day.


Crunches the ice just perfectly – not too much, not too chunky – leaves it a little slushie just how I like it!

The ice cube coffee might be a little overkill but I like it strong AND slushie so it was the best way for me to keep the strength of the coffee flavour but still get the crushed ice effect.

Now I’ve finally got the energy to clean up dishes from last nights dinner – font judge, I don’t normally ever go to bed without doing dishes but last night I put myself into a comforting rib-coma. Did you catch how much I love ribs?

How do you enjoy your coffee?

Have you got a recipe for iced coffee?


One thought on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. I use my leftover coffee (from the morning, sitting on the counter alllll day) and just put 2/3rds coffee into a cup, add two icecubes and one spoonful of sugar (my regular coffee amount of sugar) then fill the rest of the cup with milk. Voila!

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