Teeth & Fairies

Tonight marks the losing of tooth #6 for my daughter. Maybe 7. Either way, she lost a tooth and I had no change *Canadian remember so unless a tooth gets $5 we use change! 

So nickels & dimes it was until I finally reach our standard $1.

I should really know better, with 3 wiggly teeth all at once I should be prepared! And after our last lost tooth incident…

                Once upon a time, my daughter had no wiggly teeth. There appeared no need for keeping spare change on hand in the jar atop the fridge.

On an early summer evening this young daughter of mine decided to help her little brother open his new water bottle (which was not yet broken in!). The cap was tight but determined she was. After several failed attempts she chose to use her teeth although her mother often tells her to “Never use your teeth as tools” as her mother told her and her mother told her.

The blood came quick and the tooth was yanked from it’s roots. Tears quickly followed. The daughter was consoled yet reminded that, “that’s why we don’t use our teeth as tools!” Once the tooth fairy was mentioned all was better and the crisis was cleared up.

An excited child sleeping with her tooth under her pillow and a mother frantically searching for a the loonie. The house was dry. The purse, the spare change jar, the dresser where pockets were often emptied, even the car was broke! Then that amazing mother got an idea – the laundry room! There is a ledge in the laundry room beside the washer which often collects spare bottom of the washer change.

Bingo! A loonie. But while the mother was there, she figured she should get to work on the unimaginable mountain of laundry needing folding, washing, etc. Once the laundry was done mother decided to call it a night.

6:30am bedside alarm goes off. 6:45am mother’s internal alarm goes off! Mother jumps out of the shower and races to the laundry room 4 levels below (it’s a split level townhouse with 6 levels total = built in stairmaster!). Back up 3 levels to the daughters room she quickly realizes she is too late. The daughter sits with her tooth in hand, stricken look upon her face. Quick on her feet mother places the loonite just outside the bedroom quietly then enters the room throwing her arms up in the air with a loud “oh my goodness!” and a quick explanation about how the tooth fairy couldn’t have entered the room because the fan was on but the was a surprise in the hal, cleared everything up.

The moral of the story: Thank goodness for gullible kids! And always have spare change on hand!!!

*funny side note, I stumbled upon this cute story also about the tooth fairy slacking on the job! 


2 thoughts on “Teeth & Fairies

  1. We always forget to do the tooth fairy thing. Once we forgot for three nights! Yikes! We have developed all kinds of rules to make up for our forgetfulness, including, if the tooth falls out after a certain time in the day, you miss the list for that night! Luckily, my kids have lots of pillows on their beds, so we can get away with stashing it under i different pillow when they are not looking!

    • I was just thinking the other day that there should be a children’s book written about the tooth fairy and clearly stating that she will come, eventually – No set in stone rules for that night!
      Like the time of day/list idea! I might be borrowing this one!!

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