Treat Time

Another summer time treat!

Considering all the treats I’ve been enjoying lately, I need to start running & crunching again! I’ll save that one for another post though – back to the treats!

Now I know I’ve recently revealed how much I love s’mores, and then I talked about them again,  but sometimes too much of a good can just ruin the fun *don’t even get me started on how the contents of 1 marshmallow!* So after a long weekend s’more fest followed by a week at the cottage s’more fest, we needed a change for our final night at the cottage:

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches!


Pretty simple, very little prep, and always a crowd pleaser!


Cookies *ours were stale from being left open at the cottage but this bothered no one!  

A giant glob of ice cream…


And viola!


They melted fast, especially since we ate them around the camp fire but half the fun is watching the kids get their faced covered in ice cream!

Now there are many variations of these delicious delights – most of them requiring more prep and planning than we chose to put into it but we were on vacation! If you are a little more motivated than me  *and a lot less lazy* then here is a version I stumbled upon Sunday night when I returned from the cottage from she cooks, he eats they are Funfetti Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches that without a doubt put mine to shame! These have been bookmarked and are now on my rainy day to do list! Be warned – once you start browsing her blog you are guaranteed to drool!

Enjoy 🙂


had to add in another post about ice cream sandwiches she calls ice cream sammies (cute!) Perhaps a little much effot for kids – my kids wouldn’t appreciate the effort but I sure would! Another point in my books for The Usual Bliss!


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