Fruit Palm Tree

Another Pinterest win!


My kids don’t  have any problems eating fruit but their cousins wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole! This however was just cute enough to entice them to try! We made it for a at the cottage, midafternoon, post swimming in the lake snack *as opposed to the usual bag of chips*

This was super easy but also super fun (I hope your noticing a theme here with the pins I try!) The original palm tree pin looked like this:

Pinned Image

And then mine looked like this:


Not too shabby I’d say and the kids absolutely loved them! Definitely a crowd pleaser that I will be re-doing again and again for picnics, parties, etc.

TIP: Pre-chop the fruits and then worry about the arrangement once you have reached your destination *thinking picnics, summer get togethers, etc* The fruits jiggled and rearranged themselves even just moving the platter from indoors to outdoors. Other than that, as I always say, “It doesn’t get any easier than this!”

Enjoy 🙂


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