Weekly Intentions

Short term. Directive. Will Do’s. 

I skipped a few weeks of my Weekly Intentions – and I’m excuse-less. Sure we’ve been busy but there is always room for even the smallest of improvements or intentions. This week I’ve been torn between a few and almost chose to tackle several – 4 to be exact –  but then I remembered my original thinking on this topic – I always take on too much all at once! 

The whole point to this is to focus on one thing per week. Each intention being a small step toward becoming the person I want to be, forming the habits I’d like to have, or eliminating the ones I already have but don’t need. The problem with trying too much at once is that, well it’s too much all at once! It can be overwhelming and unrealistic.

So I’ve narrowed down my choices and picked one that is a little different than past intentions. I chose to focus on just me this week!

Considering I study recreation & leisure I am  well aware of the many MANY benefits that are associated with participation in physical activity. I also have access to many studies and current research on this topic. One of my professors has discussed a research study she has undertaken regarding early morning physical activity and it’s aassociation with mental processes. No conclusions within her study yet but I thought why not do a little experiment of my own!

I’ve always wanted to be an early morning runner -running before the world is even awake! This is hard impossible when I’m the only adult in the house and the kids are sleeping! But just because I can’t run first thing in the morning doesn’t mean I can’t do anything!

The activity doesn’t have to be significant – just something as soon as I wake up: Squats, lunges, even skipping with my daughter’s skipping rope counts! The plan is simple: wake up & get active and note any improvements in my cognition throughout the day!

Self improvement is a beautiful thing!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Intentions

  1. Good for you!
    Improvement is freaking hard. I’ve been falling behind in blogging because I’ve been trying to do stuff like “clean” pshaw. I was rocking it for about a week too and now I’m all behind again. Sigh.

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