Eats & Treats

Thought I would share some of the deliciousness that occurred during my long weekend!

First of all I should admit that I quite openly call myself the burger queen. We have a fast food chain called Burger King but really it’s got nothing on my burgers! I should note that I make no claims or attempt at health when making these. I simply go by how I’m feeling at that moment. This time around I was looking for something with a spicy kick.

These burgers had the usual ingredients:
– ground beef
– egg & crackers
– worcestershire sauce

That’s the base I start with. Then I added:
– chopped onions
– chopped jalapeños
– garlic (lots of garlic!!!)
– hot sauce (Frank’s Red Hot to be exact)

I made some minus all the spiciness to accommodate a ready to burst pregnant friend of ours we fed this past weekend. I still remember the heart burn plaque of pregnancy all too well….

To go with the burgers we had your basic macaroni & tuna salad with some added dill flavour – delicious!

That was Saturday. Moving on to the holiday Monday, we were feeling adventurous. Kid-less and with no obligations for the entire day (which was amazing!) we decided to try something new for dinner.

Both boyfriend & I are big fans of stuffed peppers. We had heard about these tomatoes people had done similarly on their BBQ and they sounded fantastic. Lucky for us there were two tomatoes rolling around in the back of the fridge! Here’s how I made my my watering Grilled Stuffed Tom’s:

First I got rid of the core -is that what it’s called?- and created a large hole in the tops of my tomatoes.


Setting them aside, I moved on the my filler. I combined garlic (lots of garlic) , finely diced red onions, chili pepper, hot sauce, and a pinch of salt. I mixed it well and then filled my tomato holes in with it.


Then we BBQ’d 🙂



…until the skin started peeling from the tomato and it was soft. The smell was something indescribable! We enjoyed these scrumptious delights with salmon, rice, and veggies. Here’s boyfriend’s plateful:


Mine was basically the same, just with less!

I urge you all to try this simple recipe. I know I didn’t give you a clear recipe to follow but unless I’m baking I don’t follow instructions. A little of this, some of that, maybe a little more…” that’s how my cooking goes! The chili sauce was a last minute idea. Feel free to tailor it to your liking, add anything you’d like and as always – let me know how it works out!!


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