Eats & Treats *Part 2*

I already posted about my Eats & Treats of the Canada Day long weekend, but I left a few treats out!

The back story: the past 6 weeks have been nothing short of a chaotic mash up of doing way too much far too often! I’ve been spreading myself pretty thin between planning my sister’s wedding -I am the maid of honour- , all the functions that go along with that -bridal shower (with a guest list of 90!), bachelorette party (concert in Toronto!), stag & doe (way back in my home town), and several get-together barbecues for the wedding party. On top of all that I’ve taken on more courses in a term than I ever have before -6 to be exact! And then there’s the kids! It’s been baseball & swimming & field trips & school plays & all the other things that make parenting so grand.

Now none of this is complaining. I create my own chaos and on some level I do enjoy it as well! All the goings ons that I’ve had going on (haha) I’ve been thoroughly pleased to be a part of. Even the stresses of school is enjoyable because I absolutely love all my courses this term. The issue is that it’s all happening at once!

So because of this chaos, I chose to spend the long weekend doing as little as possible! It was a struggle to turn down the many offers I had for BBQ’s and gatherings but I knew that what I needed was some quality R&R.

Of course I can’t do absolutely nothing but what I did do was kept very low key. Kids were gone visiting at their fathers. Friday night was spent watching football and eating chicken wings at boyfriend’s house – I love football and the Hamilton Tiger Cats were playing!– Boyfriend & I entertained my brother and his girlfriend on Saturday night – this is when I made my delicious burgers I mentioned in my previous post! What I didn’t mention was the tasty drinks I enjoyed that night! Now I’m not a big boozer (been there, done that, got the T-shirt!) but everyone else was drinking and it was a long weekend so I joined in all the fun. What I made was delicious! I mixed a little bit of raspberry vodka with Fruitopia (watermelon/berry flavoured I think – the kind that comes in the blue carton!) and blended it all with ice making it into a slushie – delicious! And not overly boozy for anyone who’s not a big drinker like myself! Sorry I didn’t take any pictures but if I make them again I will! Later that night we followed long weekend BBQ tradition and had a fire. Along with a campfire always comes S’MORES!! Now I don’t make your regular everyday s’mores. What I make is something so great I almost don’t want to share – but I’m not like that so here is the recipe:

Graham cracker & marshmallow (as usual). The big difference is in the chocolate. I’ve never been a big milk chocolate fan. So instead of using your typical chocolate I use (drumroll please) reese peanut butter cups OR Hershey’s cookies & cream (white chocolate bars). They are both amazing and melt so nicely under the roasted marshmallow. We also used a caramel chocolate bar this time around which sounded promising but wasn’t as good as I expected. I’ve yet to find anything better than peanut butter cups or white chocolate pieces. If you’ve got any suggestions please share!

Moving on to Sunday, after brunch, our guests departed and we began to do nothing. It was fantastic. No notable eats or treats enjoyed. Nothing but a whole lot of nothing until dinner. We went to a friends for dinner where we enjoyed more burgers (same recipe – I just made lots!). We basically went from sitting on the patio at boyfriend’s place to sitting on their patio.

Monday was a much needed study day for me. By this point I had taken 3 full days off of any school related activity. It was much needed and thoroughly enjoyed but all good things must come to an end eventually.


This became my classroom for the day! And that ladies & gents was my delicious fruit smoothie. I’m also known as the smoothie Queen. Basically it’s whatever fruit is in either the fridge or freezer (I prefer frozen) with some type of juice and a giant spoonful of yogurt. All mixed up in my Bullet Express (I should do commercials for these guys!) and viola.

It was a hot day and eventually I needed a pick-me-up. My go to coffee wasn’t an option because it was so hot so instead I tried something I’ve never done before – iced coffee! Basically I just made extra strong coffee, added ice cubes and some cream, then blended it all once again in my trusty Bullet Express. The result was exactly what I needed to continue my outdoor studying!


I’ll definitely be doing that again, it was so simple and so good!

So that was my long weekend…Happy belated Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians and Happy (early) 4th of July to all my American neighbours!


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