Yogurt Droppings


Another check on the ‘ol “Pins I’ll Actually Do” pin board on Pinterest! This one was a simple snack for the kids – that the kids could make themselves!

My kids eat a lot of yogurt so I knew this would be a big seller in our house. I like yogurt too but just don’t eat it much. I prefer it as an ingredient in my smoothies or to mix with my granola but not straight yogurt like my two rugrats love.

They also love being a part of the process so this one was a double win because it is so simple! Have you noticed a theme yet – the only pins I actually do are simple!

What You Need

Yogurt, a plastic baggy, and a flat, clean tray that can be put in the freezer.


*no kettle necessary*

The Process

Put yogurt in the baggy and cut a corner. Squirt yogurt out of baggy in small dollops –we called droppings!


Once your tray is full, place it in the freezer. Depending in the size of your droppings, it might be up to 3 hours before these little guys are good & solid frozen. They do melt quick once out of the freezer so you’ll want them to be very frozen.



– We used yogurt that had fruit chunks – cheery with chunks of cherries to be exact. . It did make it hard to squirt some out because the cherry chunks clogged my baggy hole!

– Cut a small hole in the baggy – trust me on this one!

– Be forewarned: the yogurt comes out fast! There is actually no need to squeeze or squirt. Since I didn’t know this, my kids didn’t know this! Now you know.

– A little yogurt goes a long way – a lot of yogurt is not needed! The amount you see in our was too much for our tray. We only used about half of the yogurt in the baggy. Because we only have a small above-the-fridge freezer we can only do one tray at a time!

– Like I said earlier, they melt fast! We left ours freezing on the tray over night and they get melty within 30 second of being out!


**the finished product, they didn’t last long!**

My original post forgot to include the link from Pinterest! Oops…here is it! Gotta give credit where credit is due!


Enjoy 🙂


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