Photo Challenge

Another shout out to a blogger I enjoy, coffeepoweredmom for creating some fun for her followers! She’s been doing these Photo Challenges that ask others to submit a photo based on her set out criteria and then viewers get to vote and decide upon a winner! I participated in the last one as a voter only (was a little slow on the submitting of a picture!) But this time around I’m completely participating!

The theme is about the great outdoors, and coffee of course (coffee-powered-mom….get it?!) What I had originally intended on doing was some great shots of the kids enjoying the great outdoors while I hold my coffee in front of the camera but I’ve yet to remember both the coffee AND the camera when we are out and about. And to be honest, we haven’t done the “great outdoors” type activities we love to do in the summer – yet! Camping, beach, s’mores on the campfire, etc.

So I improvised, dropped the kids off at school and while walking my pup grabbed some coffee from the Tim Hortons that is located dangerously close to my house. She wasn’t thrilled about the photo shoot but she’s loyal and does what I say! This was her desperately wanting just a little taste…


This next one was actually taken on campus. It is my ode to all those other poor suckers who are spending their summers studying like me. The great outdoors really isn’t all that great when your cooped up in the library/classroom researching, reading, writing and studying. But I make the most of it. This is my favourite reading bench where I sit with coffee and find reading so easy amidst the hustle & bustle of people going about their business. It’s my little escape!


And the final picture I submitted (because you can submit three so why not!)  is one of my Sophie again. This one was actually taken last fall – you might notice she’s a little smaller! And the coffee cup was actually trash that she found and loved. Either way, I see coffee (kind of) and great outdoors!


Now I think that YOU should also submit a photo to her photo challenge or at the very least just go vote for one of mine 🙂

I believe the voting starts in two days! Don’t miss it!!


Since I posted this earlier today there have been some changes to the contest – an extension to be exact! More time to take more pictures and I really think you should all do it! Check out her latest update:


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