Indoor Hopscotch

Trapped inside on a stormy night, what to do, what to do….Another point for Pinterest! This one we actually did back in the winter when we were outside less and desperate for indoor entertainment. We’ve forgotten about it until now and boy does it ever come in handy on these stormy nights!

Indoor Hopscotch

It really doesn’t get any easier than this really – unless your as lucky as me and your other half does it for you! We used painters tape simply because we have lots and won’t be painting (we rent so I see no point!)


Pretty straight forward, just place the tape to form the outline of the hopscotch board and that’s all folks!

I’d suggest doing it on a clean floor not just because the tape sticks better but also because you can keep the hopscotch taped on longer – it doesn’t stick well when mopped over top!

The only other pointer I could give would be to consider your location. Make sure it is a bounce friendly area. Our townhouse has a small hall between the kid’s bedrooms so this works just perfectly for is.

Also, this isn’t just for hopscotch alone. We’ve used it to practice adding and subtracting as well as bean bag tossing. The possibilities are endless!

Good luck with your hopscotch!



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