Current Reads

We love stories. We also spend a lot of time travelling. Sounds like a math equation to me:

Love books/stories + Travel a lot = AUDIO BOOKS!

I can’t believe it didn’t even register in my mind that audio books were an option. I’ve done a lot of work in the past with an individual with sight impairments and as a result she was unable to read. I introduced her to the audio books section at her library and she fell in love. It was a perfect fit for her due to her disability. It also left me the impression audio books for people who need an audio book. I’ve had my wake up call. Audio books are fantastic!

Although the kids & I already read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, we decided to borrow it from the library in audio form. It was captivating. We didn’t want to get out of the car! Thankfully we spend a lot of time in our car since all our friends & family live approx. 2 hours in either direction! And thanks to the many weddings and family gatherings we’ve had – meaning we’ve been gone 5 weekends straight now! – We were through it in no time! Now we are ready for our next audio book! Tonight we started A Boy & His Horse which is technically the next book in the Chronicles of Narnia series – or so I’ve been told.

Thanks to the extreme heat wave we’ve been driving instead of riding our bikes to school every day (awful I know but when it’s 40 degrees I just can’t do it!) This has given is a quick listen every morning as we drive and I won’t lie, after the kids get dropped off at school I go on ahead without them. I’m completely head over heels captivated by these books which is such a shocker to me – me, the non-fairy tale, non-scifi type reader. I’ve spent my life absolutely detesting anything that is unrealistic. I tried to read Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, etc etc when they were popular and all my friends were obsessed with these. I gave them a fair try but just couldn’t do it. Funny that now, when I’m supposed to have lost my imagination as an adult, I find myself being pulled to these fictional characters and their adventures. Maybe it’s my kids bringing out the kid in me.


As for non-audio books, we just started Anne of Green Gables. I’ve been very excited to read this, especially to my daughter. I never actually read this book (or had anyone read it to me) when I was younger. But I did have an obsession with watching The Road to Avonlea on Sunday evenings with my dad. That entire era (and Prince Edward Island) have always fascinated me!

I was 21 when I read Anne of Green Gables for the first time and I’ve been dying to re-read it. I have a feeling Anne is the type of character my daughter can become great friends with. We started reading it the other night and I will admit, chapter one was a little dull for them both.

Sawyer is only 4 so some of the descriptions were a little much for him however he simply loves sitting on my lap listening to anything I read (he listened to me read both my psychology and anatomy textbooks during exam season last term!)

Kate on the other hand likes to understand everything! So we did a lot of stopping and re-starting as she repeatedly clarified things “so is that kind of like…” or “does that mean…” Although it’s frustrating for me to stop and start so much I don’t mind – there’s nothing worse than reading a story and not understanding it! I like that she is inquisitive and desires to understand things – qualities I never had as a child! I promised her chapter two would be better because the story really starts and because she would finally get to meet Anne!

Last night we read while fans blasted us from two angles (that’s right we’ve got no AC!) Although it was hot and no one was interested in snuggling, everyone was interested in Anne.


Almost forgot to mention – we do read children’s books too! It’s not all Narnia & Canadian classic novels. Because there are so many children’s books to choose from, we play a game at the library: grab a random boom off the shelf without looking or browsing through it and bring it home. We’ve found a few major duds doing this but it’s always fun. Recently we found a fee gems. One was The Very Cranky Bear and another was Doggy Bag. Highly recommended

Happy reading!




4 thoughts on “Current Reads

      • I have put it on my Books To Read list, that I will hopefully be able to fulfil at the library someday soon. The closest branch to our house is 2.6kms away. That’s 5.2km round trip! I’ve only walked it once so far, and was severely disappointed to find out that they close on Mondays. Haven’t made the trip since. I’m waiting for a good day when Phil can drive us, hahaha. Silly boy – working and stuff. Geez. 😀

  1. FYI the library has started their annual summer reading club!!! I’m assuming your somewhere in Canada and I believe it is a national program funded by TD Canada Trust (great bank by the way!). Free stuff for visiting the library (stickers, posters, prize packs!), plus a free activity book, and just being a member of a club is super cool – at least for me and my kids!! Did you notice everything is FREE – perfect for any mother but particularly a self-proclaimed “po” momma like yourself 🙂 My kids signed up last night and are thrilled to get started! We walk to the library too which gets tough when we take so much out – I started bringing a backpack to lug it all home! It’d be worth the walk!!!

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